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When your lips crack in winter : natural care and exercise

When your lips crack in winter

When your lips crack in winterAny human organ is affected due to change in weather and lips are the most sensitive part of the human body. Lip cracking is the common problem in every season, more so in winter Season. Lips cracking causes trouble in laughing and even speaking. Mostly lips crack due to own carelessness. Many times blood starts coming out of the lips, which ultimately affects the beauty of the face.

The main reasons behind lips cracking include lack of vitamin A and B, cold breeze, change in weather and high intensity winds. Likewise, spicy food, smoking and water also cause lips cracking. The remedy includes ayurvedic treatment besides natural care.

Natural care:

When your lips crack in winterTake green vegetables, butter, and milk, and yeast, papaya in the meals, which supplement vitamin A and B. Soyabeen and different pulses are also rich in vitamin A and B. When you go to bed at night, apply a little butter on the lips, which provide tenderness to the lips skin. Also keep 3-4 drops of glycerine mixed in `gulabjal` and apply this mix two-three times a day on the lips. This treats lips cracking and lips continue to be tender.

To avoid lips cracking, take one-and-a-half spoon castor oil, with two spoonful of boric Vaseline and apply this mix in the night, before going to sleep and in the morning after taking

a bath. This treats lips cracking and also avoids its further re-occurrence. In the winter season, before going for a bath, apply mustard oil, 3-4 drops in the bellybutton and rub till it gets dry.

When your lips crack in winterApply pure ghee on the lips in the morning and evening. Besides take half spoon of milk, added with finely grinded turmeric and apply gently on the lips. Due to dry wind, lips get
Cracked and to avoid it, apply mustard oil or lukewarm ghee on the lips, while sleeping and also in bellybutton. When the skin dries and forms crust, apply grinded almonds, which remove crust and the lips turn smooth. Never remove crust by hand or by teeth and don’t breathe from mouth.

To remove blackness on the lips, grind petals of rose petals with a little glycerine and apply it on the lips. Also butter and saffron mix, when applied on the lips, it increases its beauty.

Take 25 grams of coconut oil, 25 grams of castor oil, and 30 grams of white wax and 12 grams of olive oil and mix them. Warm a little to form paste and apply on the lips regularly.

When your lips crack in winterWhenever you find cracks or dryness on the lips, immediate consult the doctor. Also stop taking spicy, stodgy food. If you smoke cigarette or bidi or have any such other bad habit, considering the beauty of the lips and overall health, quit such habits. Smoking turns lips black with dryness. Teeth also turn yellow due to these habits, which look bad, when you speak or laugh.

Natural experiments:

Take 1 spoon of milk and mix red rose petals in it, till it turns pink. Now keep the mix in refrigerator. When it turns cool, mix spoonful almonds powder in it to form a thick paste. Apply it on the lips and clean after 10-15 minutes. It makes lips smooth, pink and shining. Take 1 spoonful cream and mix a few drops of beetroot or pomegranate juice to it. It will heal-up lips cracking and also bring pink colour. Honey is said to be a healthy nutrient to all the types of skins. Take 1 spoon honey and mix half spoon of lemon juice, apply on the lips, which moisturizes lips and also give pink colour to it.


Lips Exercise: 

• Keep index finger on the corner of the lips and massage inside direction.

• Keep index finger on the lips and massage alternatively in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

• Give gentle massage to the smiling ray by index finger in upwards direction.

Other treatments:

When your lips crack in winter• Scrub lips regularly with natural products. Sugar and butter are the best scrubs for the lips.

• Excessive amount of melamine, present in sun rays blacken the lips and to save the lips    from the harmful rays, apply natural balm.

• Curd, sour cream and saffron, when applied on the lips, keep them healthy.

• Take one smooth toothbrush and apply lightly on the lips, which remove the dead cells from the outer lips layer. Later apply little cream on it.

• When lips are massaged with clove’s oil, it makes lips rosy and beautiful.

Besides, here are many products of Patanjali Yogpeeth like PatanjaIi Lip Balm, honey, clove oil, saffron and gulabjal`, which help in maintaining moisture and the natural colour of the lips.


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