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When your hunger is affected due to change in season

Change in season does not only influence our body and health but our taste too is affected. Sometimes it also quenches our interest in some particular food or it may also increase our attraction
towards some other kind of food. It means it can have both the positive and negative impact on us. Though lack of interest in food before taking it is not a serious problem but if it is completely ignored, it can cause some serious problems in future. Therefore, it is important to take following things in mind with regard to change in season:

When You are hunger is affcted due to change in season

• Stuff s which have bitter taste like bitter gourd might be less interesting food but it can increase your appetite as it has digestive properties and cures the problem of the lack of interest in eating food. It should be cooked with less oil, spices and chilly. Also keep it in your mind that it should not be cooked for a long time. If it is regularly taken at the time of change in season, it may cure problems like lack of appetite,constipation and many stomach related problems.

• Similarly take 60 gm coriander, 250 gm pepper, 25 gm salt and mix them together and make their powder and store it properly. Take 3 gm of the powder every time after meal, it will cure the problem of the lack of appetite. Moreover, it is highly useful for everyone. 

• Put the juice of red onion on flame for some time and add some salt and lemon juice and use it with food. It will cure the problems like lack of appetite, indigestion and constipation. 

• Take a few unpeeled cloves of garlic and make their paste and add some lemon juice into it and some salt also. This preparation is also very good to increase your appetite and indigestion.

• Take cinnamon, dry ginger, cardamom in equal quantity and make their powder. Take one gram of it before meal with water. It is also good for appetite.

• Take 10 gm extract of guava leaves and add some sugar in it. If this preparation is administered to the affected person once a day, it will enhance appetite.

• Take small myrobalans and roast it. If its powder is taken with black salt, it is very useful for your appetite. 

• Take a pinch of brown mustard seeds paste and add it into your vegetables while cooking it. It is also good for your appetite.

• Take 1.5 gm cloves and boil it in water for 20 minutes and later drink the water aft er fi ltering it. If this is repeated for 2-3 times a day, it will cure your gastric problem and improves your appetite. Similarly, take 6 gm coriander seeds and boil it for some time. Add some milk or water into it and can take it like tea in the morning. It is also a best medicine for those who are having poor appetite.

• Dry some leaves of pomegranate in shaded area and 1/4 th quantity of rock salt or sendha salt into it. Make their powder and filter it well. Take four gram of it in the morning and evening. It cures your problem of indigestion and improves your appetite. 

• Take 100 gm of Tulsi leaves extract and take it daily for some days. It improves appetite and also cures other problems of your stomach.

• Take pear juice and add some peepali powder into it. It also cures the problems related to appetite.

• Take 200 gm extracts of lemon and add 100 gm sugar into it and store it well in glass container or bottle. Expose the container to sunlight for 15 days. If this preparation is taken with meal, it improves appetite.

• Be cautious regarding following food stuff s- milk and bel fruit (aegle marmelos), milk and turai, milk and lemon, butter milk and banana, milk and oil, milk and dry Saag, milk and radish, milk and badhal, milk and salt, curd and badhal, rice and coconut, milk and jamun or jamblang, honey and hot food stuff s, honey and badhal, honey and radish, etc should not be together or immediately aft er each other. They disturb your digestive system and may cause problems.


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