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Global Changing in India

Global Changing in India

Global Changing in India
Fast pace developments are occurring at the global scenario and when we see Bharat, in the light of these events, we see that the nation is touching new heights in different aspects. Many countries, on the other hand, are ready to relinquish their dogma and seem agreeing to adopt a mixed culture and being a part of the global family. In such context, the role of Bharat becomes of utmost importance.Some of the global developments are in front of us, which needs to be analyzed seriously.

Softness of Security Council

Security Council has agreed to interfere in the ongoing home-turf war in Syria, which is continuing since past five years. This international development is not only surprising but important   also. Syria is being ruled by Bashar I Assad where full blown war is continuing since past long time. The superpowers, if not directly, indirectly put two forces in front of each other and in such circumstances; the unanimous decision of the United Nations Security Council is nothing short of

In its 11 point resolution, Security Council said that they will try to establish such Government in Syria, which is all-inclusive, trustworthy and non-communal. Th is Government will chalk out new constitution in 18 months and ensure impartial and justified elections. Security Council will make an appeal to all the associated groups for ceasefire. In fact, the proposal of the Security Council is so good, that it is difficult to believe on it as when Saudi Arab and America almost hate Bashar AL-Assad, Russia and Iran believe that if Assad is displaced, Syria will become the biggest center of terrorism in the region and anarchy will prevail in entire Western Asia. America and Saudi Arab believe that there should be difference between Islamic State and opponents of Assad. But Russia and Iran don’t want to distinguish and their forces are killing both the groups. Despite sharp difference of opinion, if they have agreed upon on a common agenda, it is big achievement of the international politics. Whatever may be the results, but it should be viewed as a wider change in the attitude.
Global Changing in India

For the peace of Southern Asia:

Many new developments are occurring in India-Pakistan relationship. But one thing is clear that if India-Pakistan- Afghanistan forms a troika, it will be a dangerous combination for the terrorists. If all the three nations make a collective strategy the terrorists and the terrorism could be wiped out. Now, all the three nations should take pledge that at every cost, they will continue dialogue between them. Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, in a convention said that if you want to run the heart properly, don’t block the supply of blood in its veins. Means, the trade facilities, roads, transportation
among them should be opened. If an era of cooperation and harmony begins between these three countries, the oil, gas and mineral assets available in the five countries of Central Asia could benefit entire South Asia. Even the roads to Iran, Turkey and Europe could be opened.

Tapi pipeline, a project of 66,000 crore rupees is an experiment. This project begins from Turkmenistan and via Afghanistan and Pakistan, reaches India. 1800 kms long pipeline will supply 9 crore cubic meter gas daily. In the same proportion, these countries may get oil, if they keep their differences on hold for sometime or resolve them. And if they succeed in doing this, South Asia could be more powerful, prosperous and peaceful as compared to Europe. It is the demand of the time. If we miss this opportunity, all will have to bear the burden in future as currently, we are doing.

Excessive utilization should be stopped:

In the World Climate convention, held in Paris recently, a proposal was passed on which American President Obama, France President Francois Hollande and Narendra Modi believed that 196 countries of the world will do something now so that the global temperature will increase just by 2 or 1.5 degree. Means, the pollution, which has spread in past 150- 200 years, will be controlled now. It is
good optimism.

It is correct that in Paris, China and India were not accused of spreading maximum pollution by burning coal, cow dung cake and wood but none also did not say that the prosperous countries of the Western region have spread pollution in last 150-200 years, which is many times more as compared to other countries on the globe and still, they are continuing to do so. It is unfortunate for the world that the leaders of India and China are just following others. They have made both the countries followers of America.They are supporting their life style ignorant of to which, they think is development is actually detrimental. The demon of consumerism has spoiled the entire nature.
The prosperous countries have assured to give Rs 100 Billion dollars annually aft er 2020 but it is not binding. If they will not give the amount, what you can do? If the countries will depend on 100 Billion dollars for the alternative resources of energy, only god can save them. At present, none knows who will share how much amount.

The point, which was to be spoken in the Paris conclave, which neither any leader, nor the convention said was that the people should not consume meals, use accommodation, cars, refrigerators, air conditioners, mobile phones, arms, electricity more than what is needed. People should use bare minimum, till the need is fulfilled. If barely 20% of the global population will follow these principles, the life of rest of the people will be enlightened. Entire world will develop a new balance, when nobody will be poor or hungry. Temperature and pollution will decrease by itself.

The ‘intelligence’ of 58 Members of Parliament!

The Gujarat High Court judge JB Pardiwala should be congratulated that he bared a truth, which nobody dared to speak. While delivering its verdict on Hardik Patel issue, he said that the two subjects have completely spoiled the country, one is corruption and the other is reservation. Annoyed
with his statements, 58 members of the upper house submitted an impeachment notice against him. What a ‘great work’? I don’t know why they did so. They were annoyed with the corruption issue or the reservation is still unclear.

But our leaders remain ahead in both the issues and both are most liked by them. One issues provides
them vote and the other note. Vote and note are `anulim-vilom` of our politics. Pardiwala ascended to such a big post but might be very simple by heart. What was the need to touch such a sensitive issue?

The MP have charged that opposing the reservation, Pardiwala has violated the constitutional decorum. It is very blunt plea. Over 100 amendments have been held in the constitution hitherto so, shall we consider hes amendments as violation of the  constitution? Constitution is the document, is regular changing document. It is a mirror of the society, people and the country. It changes with the time. Now if any judge is demanding alterations in it, warning him is unconstitutional.

In fact, the caste based reservation has become cancerous to the society. It severally damages, the reserved category itself. All the creamy layers are being usurped by the influential people and crores of poor, deprived people keep watching it mutely. In fact reservation has become the biggest drama of Independent India. The basis of the reservation should not be birth but the need. It should not be
provided in jobs but cent percent in the education.

The above four analysis reveal that Bharat will have to undergo drastic changes in its internal experiments and designs, if it wants to be the super power in the world. Moreover, it will have to re-design and prepare constitutional, spiritual, judicial and social system to meet the new challenges.So first-of-all, we have to be aware and help the country in \reaching at the top. chal- , 


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