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The benifits of Kapalbhati Evidence based Vision

THE most important contribution of  Param Pujya Swami Ramdevji Maharaj is that he made yoga, an integral part of the life style in every household in Bharat. He also unraveled the ancient mystery of yoga and made it popular at the global level. But he laid special importance to Kapalbhati among all the yoga practices. This article describes complex mystery of Kapalbhati

Kapalbhati is the yogic respiratory technique, which has been described in the yoga related tracts. Its practice is being done with the increase in the rate of respiration, which includes active (voluntary) respiration (with the contraction of the abdominal muscles) and inactive (involuntarily), breathing (exercise of abdominal muscles). For the practice of  Kapalbhati, the practitioner should have to sit in padmasan, siddhasan or sukhasan keeping spinal cord and head straight. The practitioner should close eyes and with focus on breathing process.

In the traditional yoga tracts, special mention of the Kapalbhati practitioners is being found. In Gherand Samhita`, 3 different categories of Kapalbhati have been described..

1) Vata Krama – In the process, breathing is taken from the left nostril and released from right nostril. In second step, breath is taken from right nostril and released from the left nostril.

2) Vyut Krama – Vyut Krama Kapalbhati is being practiced with water being sucked from both the nostrils and released from the mouth, slowly. 

3) Bheet Krama – In this process, water is taken in from the mouth and released from both the nostrils.

The practice of Kapalbhati practice, mentioned in the Gherand Samhita has described various health
benefits. The body turns flexible and healthy and the `kapha` disorders are treated. The people, who
perform Kapalbhati, old-age related disorders remain at arms’ length from them. Other traditional yoga books like `Hath Yoga Pradeepika` also describes similar benefits. Keeping these benefits of yoga in the ancient books, when scientifi cresearches were made with the help of modern equipments, the scientists got the following results.

Heart related affect – This is a well-known fact that our heart beats reverberation fluctuates, according to the need. When we run fast, the heart beat also speeds-up. The reason behind is, to     fulfill the need of the muscles; heart has to send more blood in different body parts. When we rest, after fast running, heart beat turns normal. The autonomous nervous system plays an important role in amending the speed of the heart beats. With the activity of resonating nervous system, the heart beat goes up and with the activity of de-resonating nervous system, it goes down. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a standard of measuring autonomous nervous system.

The impact of Kapalbhati was studied on Heart Rate Variability, which found that after the practice of Kapalbhati (respiration rate 60 per minute) there remains no resonating activity, with no tension on the heart. According to bio-psychosocial Medicine 2011, 5:4, the result shows that the peoples, who have grown older and affected of high blood pressure or under the risk of heart related diseases, may perform Kapalbhati (respiration rate 60 per minute) without additional pressure to their heart.

Consumption of energy – Obesity is a common problem in the country. The main reason behind the obesity is the imbalance of getting the energy from the edibles and burning the energy with  ental
and physical conditions. Oxygen is a very important factor in energy expenditure, which helps in energy burning. The more is the consumption of oxygen, the more is burning of energy (taken from the food). To identify, how Kapalbhati helps in the consumption of energy, an experiment was performed on the healthy employees. According to Medicine Science Monitor Basic Research 2015 21:161-171, it was found that during Kapalbhati, the consumption of oxygen increases by 30%. The conclusion was drawn that the practice of Kapalbhati, the energy consumption increased by 42% and hence, it is beneficial in reducing he obesity.

Mental Health – For the healthy and peaceful life, a good mental health is needed. A person having
better concentration efficiency and memory is more successful in life as compared to those, who have not. With the help of equipment - which is being utilized to study the impact of Kapalbhati on
concentration or meditation – a study was performed.

Evoked potential is one of the equipments, utilized to measure the concentration level.

While using this equipment, a practitioner is asked to concentrate  on a particular voice and during the process; the activity of the brain regions is watched. The information gathered include 1) efficiency of nervous cells and 2) the concept of the amount nervous cells, which are being utilized during meditation activity. According to the Journal of Alternative And Compliments Medicine 2009,
15:281:285, it was established that those who practice Kapalbhati may increase their nervous cells
efficiency. Means, their mental efficiency increases as compared to those, who do not.

Thus, Kapalbhati is a good exercise. But those, who have epilepsy (The uneven respiration rate could
be a reason of it), abdominal surgery, heart ailments and uncontrolled high blood pressure should
practice it carefully.

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When your hunger is affected due to change in season

Change in season does not only influence our body and health but our taste too is affected. Sometimes it also quenches our interest in some particular food or it may also increase our attraction
towards some other kind of food. It means it can have both the positive and negative impact on us. Though lack of interest in food before taking it is not a serious problem but if it is completely ignored, it can cause some serious problems in future. Therefore, it is important to take following things in mind with regard to change in season:

When You are hunger is affcted due to change in season

• Stuff s which have bitter taste like bitter gourd might be less interesting food but it can increase your appetite as it has digestive properties and cures the problem of the lack of interest in eating food. It should be cooked with less oil, spices and chilly. Also keep it in your mind that it should not be cooked for a long time. If it is regularly taken at the time of change in season, it may cure problems like lack of appetite,constipation and many stomach related problems.

• Similarly take 60 gm coriander, 250 gm pepper, 25 gm salt and mix them together and make their powder and store it properly. Take 3 gm of the powder every time after meal, it will cure the problem of the lack of appetite. Moreover, it is highly useful for everyone. 

• Put the juice of red onion on flame for some time and add some salt and lemon juice and use it with food. It will cure the problems like lack of appetite, indigestion and constipation. 

• Take a few unpeeled cloves of garlic and make their paste and add some lemon juice into it and some salt also. This preparation is also very good to increase your appetite and indigestion.

• Take cinnamon, dry ginger, cardamom in equal quantity and make their powder. Take one gram of it before meal with water. It is also good for appetite.

• Take 10 gm extract of guava leaves and add some sugar in it. If this preparation is administered to the affected person once a day, it will enhance appetite.

• Take small myrobalans and roast it. If its powder is taken with black salt, it is very useful for your appetite. 

• Take a pinch of brown mustard seeds paste and add it into your vegetables while cooking it. It is also good for your appetite.

• Take 1.5 gm cloves and boil it in water for 20 minutes and later drink the water aft er fi ltering it. If this is repeated for 2-3 times a day, it will cure your gastric problem and improves your appetite. Similarly, take 6 gm coriander seeds and boil it for some time. Add some milk or water into it and can take it like tea in the morning. It is also a best medicine for those who are having poor appetite.

• Dry some leaves of pomegranate in shaded area and 1/4 th quantity of rock salt or sendha salt into it. Make their powder and filter it well. Take four gram of it in the morning and evening. It cures your problem of indigestion and improves your appetite. 

• Take 100 gm of Tulsi leaves extract and take it daily for some days. It improves appetite and also cures other problems of your stomach.

• Take pear juice and add some peepali powder into it. It also cures the problems related to appetite.

• Take 200 gm extracts of lemon and add 100 gm sugar into it and store it well in glass container or bottle. Expose the container to sunlight for 15 days. If this preparation is taken with meal, it improves appetite.

• Be cautious regarding following food stuff s- milk and bel fruit (aegle marmelos), milk and turai, milk and lemon, butter milk and banana, milk and oil, milk and dry Saag, milk and radish, milk and badhal, milk and salt, curd and badhal, rice and coconut, milk and jamun or jamblang, honey and hot food stuff s, honey and badhal, honey and radish, etc should not be together or immediately aft er each other. They disturb your digestive system and may cause problems.

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Take Ayurvedic,natural and yogik treatment when you have fever

OUR body adjusts itself according to changing season. If a person’s body is free from toxicants, the the change will be easier, otherwise, deformities related to obstacles are born. Fever is the indication of such deformities. From the upper part of a nose to just behind the middle area, in the bottom of the head, there is nuclei made heat controller, which is called hypothalamus. The blood starts to become poisonous, due to which it becomes disturbed, our body loses temperature very fast, and hence the body temperature increases. Organs like skin, liver, kidney, lungs, vomiting centreadn heart become very active and hence a person’s sweat, urine start to smell very dirty. You feel like vomiting, your hunger is disturbed, and the person feels feverous, which is caused due to wrong food habits and life style, due to this the body is filled with toxicants, which give birth to bacteria and virus and immune power of the body become weak and the blood begins to become poisonous.

Then it starts itching and burning sensation on the face, the whole body starts shivering, the factors of changing weather become very powerful. In other words it can be said that adverse circumstances the body tries to adjust itself according to the circumstances in the process, a person is caught by fever.

Chemistry of fever

Food digestion, absorption and other process produce heat and this heat is distributed in all parts of body through blood. This heat is the energy and calorie of the body which gives us energy to execute our various physical and mental activities. It could not be spent more than need, the nature has made arrangements in the form of fats in the body. Though internal temperature depends upon internal heat
production in the body. If the heat production is less, the body temperature goes down. This is the condition in the areas which are mostly covered by snow. There due to scarcity of food, the condition of hypothalamus is created. In this situation, if proper treatment is not provided, it is possible that the affected person may die. If the heat produced is more than the need for various activities, the body temperature grows. This system is called thermogenic centre.

Temperature and fever

Our normal body temperature is 98.6 *F and when we are sleeping in the night, it drops to 97*F between 2 am and 5 am. On the contrary, between 12-5 PM in the day, the temperature reaches to 99 *F. After having taken tea or other hot drinks, or while inhaling, the temperature is affected. Of course when a minor has fever, you should take precaution if you are  using thermometer in his mouth to measure his body temperature. Or you can measure the temperature from thigh or armpit. The temperature of these parts is 0.5 *F less than the temperature measured from the mouth. Always keep in your mind that if the body temperature is below 95, he can collapse. In this situation, it is to
be noted that a child’s  ermogenic centre is not well developed

therefore he is highly prone to cold, cough, etc and due to this the temperature can go upto 105*F and more importantly, a kid’s temperature is a bit higher than an adult. If the temperature is not above 105 *F, use natural methods for this purpose. The temperature higher than this can prove to be dangerous. Though, in case of fever, the body shivers with cold and the teeth start to create noise. The cold feeling fluctuates. Blood ducts start expanding and contracting. Due to this hot blood is not able to reach to the skin, and in this condition the skin temperature goes down. Due to shivering sensation, the body temperature start to grow on its own. Finally the skin also becomes hot, and the thermogenic centre becomes highly active.

Dangerous temperature

In the condition of severe fever brain is affected the most, and when the temperature goes beyond 104 *F, the patient can faint. 104.8 *F temperature is very harmful. If the temperature persists at 106 *F for some time, it can damage the functioning of your brain. If the temperature reaches to 107 *F , it is largely possible that the patient can die. Blood circulation at 108 *F gets obstructed. It can also cause liver failure. This situation is caused due to sunstroke. Actually, it has been observed that aft er reaching to 107 *F, the body temperature starts gradually going down. A lot of sweat is released from the body and the temperature starts going down. But sometimes in low temperature, the thermostat centre can be damaged which is a very serious condition. Therefore, one should try to have natural methods to bring down the temperature as it reaches to 104 *F. 

Fever and medicines

Body function scientist of Carnel University Prof. Ugen F Dubbayam in his researches observed that our body has to withhold bear high temperature which is amazing but this temperature cannot be tolerated by the germs this is the reason why the body temperature goes up. As the temperature goes up, the germs gradually start dying. The 108 *F temperature destroys all the germs in the body. In this situation, the efforts to lower the temperature is considered to be an interruption in the functioning of the nature. Dr Burten said that fever never causes any bad effect on our body, of course, forceful efforts to bring down the temperature may have bad impact on the brain and body. In a research it has been found that excess use of medicines in a case of fever is mostly responsible for deaths. The time any virus enters into our body, it starts producing a train to destroy the virus which is called interferon.

Understand it also

In an experience it was found that in malaria or other such diseases, the treatment is started without having any idea of the nature of the problem. Its bad result is apparent into growth in the problem. You know that the chemical medicines given in fever causes side-effects like indigestion, paralysis, mental and physical deformities, heart diseases, diseases of kidney, anemia, leukemia, etc. Hence it is better to turn to natural treatment to bring down the body temperature so that the toxicants stored in the body could be brought out naturally.

Natural treatment

With increase in body temperature, stop taking food immediately. Administer lemon water 6-7 times a day. The citric acid found in it causes a lot of urine through toxicants are released from the body. They also come out through various means of excretion from the body. Fruits of citrus nature increase your immunity. Hence one must take fruits like orange, lemon, sweet lime (mausambi) etc in abundance. In the condition of fever, the body loses necessary nutrients which can be replenished if the patient is administered lemon-honey-water or orange or sweet lime juices. If the patient seeks more food, give him 20-25 grains of raisins. Keep his head covered with wet towel, cover his body with blanket and keep his feet into lukewarm water. This will decrease the body temperature by 2-3 *F. In the condition of shivering or cold feeling, keep towel soaked in lukewarm water on his head for
15 minutes and keep his body fully covered by blanket. In case of severe fever, pour normal water on his head to protect the brain from getting damage. Prevent his body from getting exposed to air during this process. If the condition of fever goes for some long time, it will be better to give Kati Snan to the patient and as long as the stomach is not cleared , better you give hot neem water aniema.
Also give neem leaves gharshan bath twice a day. It is very effective in bringing down the temperature and bringing out toxicants from the body. Don’t show haste to bring down the body temperature, and keep in your mind to provide as much rest to the patient as it could be possible. Give the patient liquid food as per his demand. Patanjali prescribed Giloy Ghan Vati, Giloy Swaras, Jwarnashak Vati, Jwarnashak Kwath, Tulsi Ghanwati, etc can be used in initial treatment.

Two days after the fever goes down

Even after the fever goes down, keep special care of the patient’s food. It has been observed that the patient feels severe hunger aft er the body temperature goes down. In this condition, any kind of carelessness can cause death. Aft er the fever goes down, give soup of boiled vegetables for two days. You can give boiled moong water to the patient to provide his protein and carbohydrate needs. Bisucits, bread and confectionaries, tea, coffee, etc should not be given at all. Solid food should be started slowly. You can give him porridge of rice or wheat to the patient and boiled vegetables should also be given him to eat while chewing properly. Solid food should be given in lesser quantity initially and should be increased gradually. During this period, the patient can be given fruits and sprouts.

India will be saved only with woman will get due respect

India will be saved only when women will get due respect

INDIAN New Year which is known by many names like Yugadi, Gudi Parwa, Navvarsha, etc, fell this year on April 8 which is also observed as our National Women’s Day with great fanfare. It is believed that on this day, the Almighty had started the creation of the world but this job was carried forward by the women folk, who are mothers. As long as mothers are here, the whole universe’s existence remains. All are helpless and nothing is possible in her absence. I remember our mother when we are in trouble because she is the true form of the Almighty, she is his incarnation. Though our soul is gender free but in live form in this universe the Almighty has done some changes, any mother begins the creation of the universe since she get a life in her uterus. The process of making of a man or women begins right from there. It is an undeniable truth that a child will be like his or her mother.

Even today, from the predominance point of view, men have upper hand and women were kept deprived of social, political and spiritual freedom which is why many misconceptions were spread in the society which we are going to discuss here.

Misconception regarding the capabilities of women

1. There is a misconception about them that they are mentally less capable:

On the contrary, it has been found that they are most capable in terms of their knowledge and soul. Right from the examinations of schools and colleges to all other competitive exams, women are outstanding which is clear from their track record. More importantly, they are also stronger than men in terms of the tests of life and morality. Unfortunately, if a woman’s husband dies, she wiped her eyes and took upthe responsibility to raise her kids and she has also been seen leading her family and the nation successfully. It is clear from the instances of Jhansi Ki Rani, Ahilya Bai, etc. On the contrary, when a man loses his wife, all his world will be shattered. This proves that women are stronger than men.

II. Another misconception about them is that they are physically weaker:

They are sophisticated, they are no less stronger than men. Often in our families it is seen that they take care of their family despite doing an outdoor job, that too without getting tired. Men are oft en seen unable to do physical works aft er turning 50, on the contrary, women are usually seen doing physical works even when they are 70-80 years old. The women who are trained in various skills of wrestling, boxing, Kabaddi, etc, they are as strong as steel. We can see how women are bringing pride to our nation in the field of sports.

III. Third misconception is related to her sacredness:

Some fools are of the view that women are not sacred due to menstruation while on the other hand it
is a natural way to purify her uterus, and if it is a dirty thing then men who also excrete every day, should also be considered the same. On the contrary, all these activities are the natural ways to purify our body. In fact menstruation makes a woman capable of conceiving and the same blood build a new life inside her body. If she is not sacred due to this, then the men born out of her body are double impure. Some people, citing these things, prevents her from wearing Yagyopavit and reading Vedas, on the contrary, such logics are presented fearing from her immense capabilities. Some menfear that if she is allowed to have her way in the field of knowledge, she can rule the world and this cannot be acceptable to them. We are grateful to Swami Dayanandji who citing Vedas, said that women can wear Yagyopaveet as well as read Vedas. He has also said that they can become Brahma in Yagnas. Inpresent time, we are grateful to respected Swami ji who has ensured fifty percent participation of women in his institute. Here women get more respect and affection than men.

IV. Forth misconception is related to spiritual capabilities of women:

It is often spread that women are less capable in terms of spiritualism because they are physically weak and they always need the support of a man. Hence they are advised not to take Sanyas. However, this notion is absolutely and utterly wrong. On the contrary it is the women without whose support it is impossible for a man to accomplish anything in life. If you have got to know spiritual strength of a woman, just take the example of Savitri, Seeta, Anusuiya, Parvati, Kaushalya, Anjana, Gargi, Madalsa, Maitrai and great women sages like Shraddah, Ghosha, Apala, Vagambhrini, Sumna, Ushij, Mamata, etc. One must read about the life and achievements of these great women of India. Therefore I can say with 100 percent confidence that if a woman, who is the incarnation of Goddess Bhagawati, lives in home, she can do good for 5,10,20,50 people, and when she goes for penance she can bring significant positive changes in the life of millions of people as Mother Sharda, Sri Maa, Mother Anandmai and many other great women did.

V. Fifth and highly indecent accusation is that women need more sex than men:

On the contrary, the incidents of sexual abuse by men in the society proves that men are 99 percent
involved in such cases. Women are rarely found involved in such incidents. Some men cite frivolous reason that women are naturally made in a way to excite a man sexually. In fact, she is made a sacred entity by the Almighty, so how can she be like that. In fact such people who see her that way are mentally sick. It will be better for them to look a goddess in a woman.

VI. Another misconception regarding a woman is that she speaks a lot and has a habit of gossip:

But the truth is quite different. While moving length and width of the country, on many public places like bus stops, railway stations, etc, including crematorium,men are prone not to be silent. They are found to be much more talkative then women. The topic of discussion of men are political corruption, deteriorating time, etc. Clearly, they are most of the time involved in unnecessary and useless discussions, better they would have understood it that they should have properly used the time instead of misusing it. It would have been better, if they had devoted their energy in remembering the Almighty.

VII. Seventh wrong notion is regarding historical pride:

Some people try to spread this misconception that women have nothing in history to feel proud of. It is utterly wrong. Of course, it is true that in the last one century, women have to suffer a lot due to their fluctuation position in the society, politically, even the countries which are counted among most developed nations of the world did not give them voting rights a century back, socially they had very less right too, it means women were the victim of social neglect. One of its main reason is that they suffered at the hands of men due to their own benevolence. They agreed to stay behind the curtain and all social ,political and property related rights remained in the hands of the men. But it is not that they were any way less capable than men. Since Vedicera to the present time, from the courtyard of her home to battle fields to Yagna Shala, or from spiritual accomplishment to other fields, women have written a great history. They have worked like an icon in every field. Even today, they are fi rm and unflinching. But we are prone to spread false things about them.

VIII. Eighth and the biggest misconception is related to misfortune:

However, things have started to change in this regard in modern time. Otherwise some people had propagated wrong information regarding a woman’s capabilities. It is like presenting a nice thing
in a bad light. Many people in the society are often heard to be saying that women are made to produce children. It is their destiny to stay at home and take care of domestic works and raise her
children. Unfortunately, she also starts believing them as a truth. It is like clipping a bird’s wings before she starts flying. It is a reality that running a household is more difficult than running a factory or an organization. A woman in a family spreads happiness in her family; she takes care of the happiness of her husband, children and other in-laws. Unfortunately, her greatness is recognized when she takes heavenly abode. Then all her relatives say that how greatly she took care of her entire family and after her the family is shattered. Not just her family but she also takes care of outdoor business in the time of need. She can run a business, a factory and more importantly a nation. If a women dies, her husband fails to take care of his family and everything is destroyed. Hence, taking care of a family is not her destiny but it is good luck of a household. It is divine quality of a woman to take care of a family.
Hence on the occasion of this National Women’s Day, it is my appeal to all the officer bearers and the workers of  Patanjali society to congratulate our women folk on this day. All of us should make yoga a part of our life, get rid of all misconceptions and make other sisters to know about their qualities. Because- India’s strength will be preserved when women will get a dignified position in the society.
1. Th ere is a misconception
about them that they are mentally
less capable:

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Your Experiences from Patanjali Products

I had been troubled due to eczema and thyroid problems since 2013. My TSH grew from 13.63 to 7.55. I visited Patanjali Chikitalaya on August 9, 2013 and started taking treatment. There, I was advised to undergo Panchkarma in the beginning which was done under the guidance of trained doctors. It helped me in a great way and the impact of eczema is left on my hand only. Treatment of the doctors, yoga and Asana helped me to reduce TSH to 2.37 and my skin disease is also cured up to 80 percent. In fighting this disease, with the blessings of Swami ji, Astha Channel helped me in a great way. I am grateful to all the persons working with this Sansthan especially Dr SC Mishra for his great efforts for me. I am especially grateful to Swamiji and Acharyaji for facilitating such an effective treatment.

A-332, Saryanagar, Ghaziabad, UP.

First of all I off er my respect in the feet of Swami ji and Acharya ji. I met with an tractor accident on March 21, 2014. I underwent allopathic treatment but later I found blood problem in my urine. I got biopsy at Alwar’s Solanki Hospital and SMS of Jaipur. In the report, it was said that I had III rd grade high cancer. I was depressed. I have been participating in all the drives of Patanjali for the last 15 years. Therefore, I have no tendency to feel afraid of such problems. I decided to go to Patanjali Yogpeeth Hospital for treatment. My treatment continued for fifty days aft er which tests were conducted which suggested significant improvement in my condition. My inner-self became stronger and I got strength to fight disease. My treatment is still on and my daily routine has once again started. All this is the result of Swami ji’s blessings for which I will always be grateful to him.

Son- Sri Prabhudayal Sharma
Village- Jamalpur, POST- Kantopur, 
T- Kotkasim, District- Alwar, Rajasthan.

My respects in the feet of respected Swami ji and Acharya ji. My mother had been suffering from the problem of soring gastroenteritis and her treatment started at Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar in December 2013. 
According to the system of the institute, the medicines suggested were- Sarvakalpa Kawath, Moti Pishti, Shankh Bhasma, Kapardak Bhasma, Muktashukti Bhasma, Udaramrit Vati, Vilvadi churna, Kutajghan Vati, etc. Almost aft er six months in June 2014, she had recovered upto fifty percent. Before that she was treated at various other medical institutes, but of no avail. Today my mother is hundred percent fine. I think Acharya ji and all the doctors of the institute from the core of my heart.

Village: Badwar, Post:Kamasin Khurd,
District: Maharajganj, UP.

Around seven years ago I was diagnosed of cancer. Soon I consulted the experts of Patanjali Yogpeeth where my treatment was started. Dr SC Mishra prescribed me the medicines like Sarvakalpa Kwath, Kayakalpa Kwath, Sanjeevani Vati, Sheela Sindoor, Tamra Bhasma, Amrita Satta, Abhrak Bhasma, Heerak Bhasma, Swarna Vasant Malati, Moti Pishti, Praval anchamrit, Vriddhivadhika Vati, Kanchanar Guggul , Gau mutra, extracts of Neem and Tulsi leaves, etc. and I started taking them in prescribed quantity. I also continued yoga and Pranayam under the guidance of the experts of the institute. Today I am in a position to say that I got most expected benefit there, however, my treatment is still continued and today I am hopeful that I will completely recover very soon. I will always be grateful to Swami ji, Acharya ji and the whole system of Patanjali Yogpeeth.

103/1795/1, Javapur Road, 
Kolkata, West Bengal.

A magical method to turn thousands of troubles into pleasure O my god ! I am your slave, you are my master

There is a story by famous writer Fariddudin Attar on the topic of “A master and a slave”. The extract of the story is that a master gave his slave to a fruit which was bitter. When the slave was eating the fruit, the master questioned about the taste of the fruit. The slave replied- o my master, it is very sweet.

There is a similar story about hakeem Lukman who was a slave in the initial days of his life. His master gave him a cucumber which was also bitter. When the master inquired from him about the taste of the cucumber, the slave replied- it is very sweet. The master surprisingly asked- how can this bitter cucumber taste you sweet. Lukman said - O my master, you have given me so many sweet fruits, if this one is bitter so what? I should accept it with happiness. It is said that listening these words of Lukman, his master freed him.

Actually the writer in the story has offered a formula to make our lives pleasant. It is also a meaning
of this story that the Almighty is the master of all of us and we are his slaves. The story has also depicted what kind of our attitude has to be towards our master.

The moment you accept the reality that the Almighty is our master and we are his slaves, all the pains of our life is over that very moment. This has to be. It is not necessary to expect that a master will always give pleasure to his slave. In fact, he can give anything - either happiness or sorrow according to the capabilities of a slave. He gives all sorts of opportunities for his improvement and can give it too. But in fact, that the Almighty never wants to ruin his slave. It is wrong to expect that whatever a master gives to his slave will not include any painful thing. In fact, a master is the best well wisher of his slave and if we look at the external form of this relation, we will wrongly know that a master gives only pain to his slave. But in fact, it is the duty of a true slave to turn the pains given by his master into pleasure. If it is the mentality of a slave that whatever his master does for him is for his betterment, then it is definitely it will prove to be good for him. He will have a feeling that his master’s actions will do good to him. Though it will be seen from outside that the slave is in pain, but the slave will in himself feel peace and satisfaction.

It is necessary that a slave should happily accept what he gets from his master. A slave should not expect anything from his master but whatever he gets from him, has to be accepted with pleasure. It means,whatever we get from our master who is the Almighty, should be accepted with happiness whether it is sweet or bitter. One has to be neutral towards our supreme master.

One should behave like this or should not behave like this, should not come into the mind. Only it is the master who is our everything should be the thinking and no other idea should come in the mind. The almighty is always our master, both when he gives us the things which give us happiness, but he is again our master when he gives us the things which do not give us happiness. Here is an example - when a mother feeds her children from breasts, the child calls her o my mother, but he utters the same words when she beats him up. A good wife, an obedient son, prosperity, dignity, sharp mind and wisdom, good friends, etc are sweet fruits of life. At the same time, scarcity of wealth at certain point
of time in our life, drought, famine, flood, frost, separation from our beloved persons, harsh nature of
wife, autocratic son, treacherous friend, insult, defamation, are the bitter fruits, which the master gives to his slaves. But it is the matter of joy the slave accepts the both with happiness. For every present, there is only one word that comes out of his heart is - o my master, it is very sweet. One who lives with this mindset never gets any pain.

Pain is only then when we are unsatisfied regarding fulfillment of our desires. The man who considers as the slave of the Almighty and also understood its meaning very well, he cannot have any other kind of feeling in his heart. Desire and slavery are totally opposite. In fact, any slave’s identity is recognized when a bitter fruit is kept in his hands by the Almighty. It has not to be that one should speak good words from outside and feel bitter from inside. It will be like cheating oneself. The true character of a slave is that he should be satisfied from both inside and outside and should always have it on his lips- O my master, it is very sweet..

Is anyone so capable to say good words on loosing a cow who gave 20 kg milk a day, daughter - in - law is not favorable, son is disobedient, you lose election, etc? Can anyone give thanks to his master in these kind of circumstances?

Humans have definitely learnt to say thanks to the Almighty, has also learnt to pray the Almighty in beautiful words and have also learnt how to pray, they have been heard saying that it is due to the grace of the Almighty that they have prosperity, there is happiness all around, all are self-dependent in the family. Business is growing due to the grace of the Almighty. But it happens when we get desired things from the Almighty. Otherwise, in case of a bit of unfavorable circumstances, people have a tendency to lose their heart. They start complaining, their face becomes red, and start crying and crying that what wrong has happened to them.

In fact, where has the light of his mind has gone to which remained here till some time back. What has filled him with darkness and negativity? Why is he feeling lonely? Why does he lose his heart?

What has happened to the prayers, the visits to the places of pilgrimages, penance, reading religious
scriptures, etc? There must be any of them which is capable in prevent the tears of a man. Non could
prevent the tears. If it is the relation between a slave and a master, then what is the need for crying?

The Almighty is absolutely capable, full of compassion, impartial, and whatever he gives his slave,
gives according to the capabilities of his servants. 

There is no motive of the Almighty behind it. It is the experience of the greatmen that the much one makes oneself established, the much he will be enlightened, which should not be doubted.

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Aloe Vera : A divine herbal medicine for healthy life

Aloe Vera : A divine herbal medicine for healthy life

NOW-a-days the pastoral land in rural areas are getting to be vanished. Now the forests of concrete is growing all around in our agricultural fields. People are trying to search good health in tablets and injections instead of herbs. This is the reality of the country which is recognized as the origin of Ayurveda. Patanjali Ayurveda and the whole movement of Patanjali is focused on this issue only and has been intensely engaged in research on these topics to prevent the atrocities being committed on our body in the name of the treatment of diseases. This body is the greatest blessing of the Almighty. On the basis of the findings of the research, we bring you this series on “Health in hers”In this issue, we are going to discuss on the medicinal properties of Aloe Vera and methods to use it

Aloe Vera is grown in all parts of India. It is also grown in earthen pots in our households. It is also planted on the boundary of agricultural fields.Though its description is not found in the Nighantus of Charak,Sushrut, Vaagbhatta and Dhanwantari Maharaj, one can find detailed information about it in Amarkosh, Bhavprakash, etc. Its different species are found at different places and different regions, it is used in various kind of treatment of different diseases.

External form:
It is of two kinds- 1.Aloe Vera (Linn.),Burm. f.m.
It is 30-60 cm high, fleshy, leafy plant. It has no trunk but thick and
fleshy leaves originate straight from the roots. Leaves are full of
flesh or pulp, they are straight, the plant has no stems, they are 35-60 cm long, 10 cm wide, 18 mm thick, its edges have thorns, which are densely paired in two rows, colour is bright green, with some white patches, with sharp point on the front narrow side. In the middle of its bunch, flowers appear and reddish flowers appear in the winter. When its leaves are slit or cut, they release yellowish fluid, which clots on low temperature, it is called Kumari extract. Its flowers appear between December and May. It is the main species of Aloe Vera.

Besides this, their is another low quality species of Aloe Vera, which is called Aloe Abyssinica Lam. It has small trunk,.Its leaves are also thick, fleshy, emerging from all parts of the trunk, its fleshy front part is tipped pointed thorns and a line divides its leaves from the middle which contains yellow flowers.

It is laxative, Mardvikarak, purifier. It is used in the problems like erysipelas,vicharchika,karkatarbuda,diabetes,dagdha vrana,intestine related diseases and swelling, shleshmakala shoth and ulcer in mouth.

Chemical composition:

Its plants contain aloine aloesone, aloasine, etc. While its leaves contain barbeloine, cryasophenile, aglaecone, aloe emodine, myusilage, glucose, glactose, mainnose, gelectyuronic acid, malic acid, cytric acid, tarteric acid, aloesone, aloasine, etc.

Methods to use Aloe Vera as a medicine:

Head related diseases:

Headache: Add some daruharidra powder in aloe vera pulp and tie it on the place which pains. It will cure the problem.

Eye diseases:

Eye problems: If the aloe vera pulp is applied in the eyes, it will cure the problem of redness in your eyes, it also cures heat problem in the body. This viral is also useful in conjectivieties.

• Take one gm of aloe vera pulp and mix 375 mg opium into it, and make a packet, then you sink it into water and then touch your eyes through it, also pour 1-2 drops in your eyes too. It is useful in eye pain.

• Pour a bit of turmeric on aloe vera pulp and heat it for some time, tie it on your eyes. It will cure your problem.

Ear related problems:

Ear pains: Warm aloe vera juice a bit and two drops of it in the ear opposite to the ear which has pain. It will cure your pain.

Worms of ear: If you have worms in your ear due to high temperature, then make aloe vera paste and pour its two drops in your ears as it will cure your problem. Though you do it under the guidance of medical expert.

Chest problems:

Cough: Take aloe vera pulp and saindhav salt, and prepare their Bhasma, and take its 5 gm with Munakka in the morning and evening, it will cure the problem of chronic cough.

Stomach diseases:

Vataj Gulm: Take 6 gm of aloe vera pulp, 6 gm cow ghee, 1 gm
haritika powder, Sendha salt 1 gm, and mix them together and administer to the patient. It will be very effective.

Stomach cyst: Tie the pulp of aloe vera on your stomach, it will
cure the problem. It will also clear your stomach..

Stomach pain: Take 10-20 gm roots of Aloe vera and boil it in crushed form. Then filter it well and pour roasted Hing on it, administer this preparation to the patient. It will cure the problem.

Gulm: Take equal quantities of aloe vera pulp and ghee (60-60
gm), with 10 gm each of  haritika powder and saindhav salt, and
mix them together well. Use it 10-15 gm in the morning and evening as it will cure your problem.

Enlarged Spline: Take 10-20 ml aloe vera extract and 2-3 gm turmeric powder and consume it. It will cure your problem of
enlarged spline and indigestion.

Gulm: Take 5-6 gm aloevera pulp added with cow ghee, and then you add trikut (dry ginger, pepper, pippali) besides haritika and saindha salt, if this preparation is taken properly, it will cure your problem of Gulma.

Anal problem:

Bleeding piles: Take 50 gm aloe vera pulp and add 2 gm geru powder and then make its small tablets, then spread it into cotton, and tie it around anus like underpant. It will cure your pain. It is special treatment for the problem.

Liver - spline problems:

Hepatitis B: Take 10-20 ml aloe vera juice twice - thrice a day, it is useful in jaundice and hepatitis. It also cures yellowishness of the eyes and constipation is also cured.

• It is also believed to be useful in hepatitis B when 1-2 drops of its extract is poured into your nostrils.

• Take aloe vera pulp and its peels should be stored into a earthen pot and add equal quantity of slat into it, and close its mouth and put it on bonfi re, when the fluid inside the pot gets black, then make its fine powder and take it 3-6 gm with butter milk as it will cure the problem.

Urine and kidney related problems:

Mutrakrichchhra: Take 5-10 gm fresh aloe vera pulp and add some sugar into it, it will cure your urine related problems.

Diabetes: Take 250-500 mg Guduchi extract and add 5 gm Ghritkumari or aloe vera pulp and if it is administered to the patients it will be effective.

Reproduction system diseases:

Menstruation related problems: Take 10 gm aloe vera pulp and pour Butea monosperma base on it, and administer it twice a day, it will cure the problems.

Upadansh: In the sores of Upadansh, if aloe vera pulp paste is applied, the problem will be cured.

Bone Joint diseases:

Arthritis: If you eat soft pulp of aloe vera regularly, it will be effective in this problem.

Waist pain: Take wheat flour, ghee and aloe vera pulp and mix them together and use it to prepare chapati then, make powder of this chapati and use it to make Laddos, if it is eaten regularly, it will cure your problem of waist pain.

Skin diseases:

• In sore, wound, etc, take some aloe vera pulp, add some sajjikshar and haridra churna and tie on affected part of the body. It will soon cure the problem.

• Later tie on it aloe vera pulp added with Haridra powder, it will cure the problem completely.

• Unpeel aloe vera leaves from one side, add some haridra powder
into it, make its packet and tie it on the affected areas. It will be highly effective.

• In the problems like wounds, aching, take aloe vera pulp, add some opium and turmeric powder into it the problem will be cured.

• If the breasts of a woman are wounded, or there is swelling due to some other reasons, make kalk of Aloe Vera roots, then add some haridra powder into it, and tie its packet on the affected part. It will be very effective. You must change it 2-3 times a day.

• Aloe vera pulp is also very effective to cure the sores. It is also effective on the problems caused due to radiation in our body.

Agnidagdh: If anyone has burn in any part of the body, apply aloe vera as it will cure the problem soon.

Naadivrana: Take aloe and catechu in equal quantity and and prepare its paste, if applied on the affected part, the problem will be cured.

Charmakeel: Peel aloe vera leaves from one side and if it is tied properly on the affected part, the problem will be cured.

Wound: Take aloevera extract and boil it with kanji and Til and it paste should be applied on the wound, it is very effective.

Fever: Take 10-20 ml tea of aloe vera roots and administer it thrice a day to the patient. It will cure the problem of fever. In fact, aloe vera is such a medicine, which is also nutritious. Hence it is very good for our health.

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