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The Geeta in brief : Be an instrument of almighty

The Geeta in brief : Be an instrument of almighty
Be an instrument of almighty; it is amazing fortune of an individual

Geeta is the voice of the Almighty. Th is world is the system of discipline of almighty. As long as the people live according to the norms set by the almighty, fl ow of the Geeta is also continued. Th e moment this is broken or breached, the fl ow is obstructed and the Geeta starts crying. Th e one who is capable of hearing and understanding this cry, becomes extraordinary, a creator, a great man, yogeshwar. In the era of intense darkness, only those are capable in understanding the eternal voice of the almighty who moves in this direction of creativity and discipline. In the Mahabharat era, it was Yogeshwar Krishna, in the freedom movement, it was Lokmanya Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi, were the ambassadors of this stature. Th ey adopted the teachings of the Geeta as per the need of the hour and created new things. Th is is the reason why the Geeta has been the scripture of ever era. Like Patanjali’s Yog Sutra, the inspiration of abiding by the duty of an individual of this era, and it is its resolve. Th e same voice of the Geeta, is being adopted by Swami Ramdev ji in the same manner. It is presented as follows: 

sri krishan with arjunIn the name of attaining the almighty, there are many tradition in vogue these days but only those can attain to the almighty who agrees to work like his instrument.
 Arjun as the instrument of Yogeshwar Krishna, got such things from Lord Krishna which could be rarely achieved by anybody else. 

Lord Krishna himself says that - O Arjun, it is only due to your love, I showed you the infi nite and bright form of this universe by the means of my divine powers which was never ever in past was experienced by anybody else.

O brave heart of Kuru dynesty, that was my own form which has been described by me. It cannot be experienced by anybody else any vedic, spiritual or ritual means.

Sanjay Uvach
Ma te vyatha cha vimudhhavo drishtva rupam Ghormidran mamedama I
 Vyapetabhih preetamanah punastvam tadeva me rupamidam prapashya II 
Ityarjunam vasudevastathoktva swakam rupam darshyamasa bhooyah I 
Ashvasyamasa cha bhitamenam bhutva punahs aumyavapurmahatma II

He says it that on seeing my this enormous form you should not feel any kind of pain and you also don’t behave like a fool. This way, by showing Arjun his soft form, he helped Arjun to recover from his fear.

Drishtavedam Manusham Rupam Tava Saumyam Janardana I
Idanimasmi sanvrittah Schetaah prakriti Gatah II

Then by when Arjun recovered a bit from his fear, he said, - O Almighty !
After seeing that form of yours , now I am back to consciousness.

Sudurdarshamidam rupam drishtavanasiyanmama I
Deva apyasya rupasya nityam darshnakankshinah II
Naham vedainar tapasa na danena nachejyaya I
Shakya aevamvidho drishtum drishtavanasimam yatha II

Lord Krishna said that it is very difficult that to observe my this enormous form. Even for deities it is the most coveted experience.

Matkarmakrinmatparamo madbhaktah sangavarjitah I
Nirvairah sarvabhuteshu yah sa mameti pandava II

Lord Krishna again says - O son of Pandu ! Th e man who is engaged in my service, one who considers me the absolute human and the absolute thing that can be achieved, who is engaged in my devotion, who has rose above all kinds of greed and lust, has no hatred for any living being, only he can get to me. It means, all the living beings in the
world have devotion to the almighty, should experience the original form of the almighty, maintain the purity of mind and heart, try to unite with the almighty and get the opportunity to be an instrument of the almighty.


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