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Natural way to Irrigate carrot : Farming methods


NATURAL WAY IRRIGATE OF CARROT Government always exaggerate and manipulate agriculture production data but the fact is that farming is becoming weaker day-by-day. Farmers are migrating after quitting agriculture in search of some optional occupation. The recent research data expose the truth. Worried of the facts, Patanjali Toxin Free Agriculture Department is, making constant efforts to realize the dreams of Pujya Swamiji Maharaj to transform the situation of once, the agriculture based country. In the sequence, the agriculture scientists are not only doing high-level refined research but also making the results available to the common man. In the series, here is an article of carrot, the prime crop of `Rabi` season.

In every household in winter season, carrot is being used. It is though produced in entire country but it is the main crop of North India. Carrot is used in various manners like salad, vegetable, `halwa`, jelly etc. Iron is present in excessive amount in carrot and according to `Ayurveda Darshan`, it is beauty enhancer. `Kanji`, a product of black carrot is much digestible.

Carrot is a crop of cold climate. If the temperature is high, the roots become short and thick while if the temperature is low, carrot size is long, thin and attractive. The best temperature range for carrot production is 8 degree Celsius to 18 degree Celsius.

Preparation of land:

For the carrot crop production, loamy soil with proper drainage system is considered as the best. For
better production, 6.5 PH land is considered as the best. While preparing the farm, dressing should
be done with 2000 liter Sanjeevak fertilizer, prepared with the help of Patanjali process and tillage the land 3-4 times, with the help of plough. Shape the farm in equal area and sow the seeds in the bed or seed plot. Th e distance between seeds should be 10 cms while between two queues should be 30 cms. While sowing, take care that seed should not be buried lower than the depth of 1.5 cms or else the germination percentage drops. For every acre of land, 3.5 kg carrot seed is adequate.

Major Species:

Pusa Kesar – It is deep red conical shaped product. Its center part is small with deep red color. The plant has fewer branches but roots have more keratin proportion. The crop gets ready in 90 days and per acre production is around 80-90 quintals.

Pusa Medhali – The roots are orange colored, attractive in look.The sowing is normally done inmonsoon season. Its production is 100 quintals per acre.This specie develops in 120 days.

Chaitani – This specie is of dark red color and thick in size. It is the best specie for preparing vegetable and `halwa`. This is readied in 110 days.The production is 80 quintals per acre.

Irrigation and fertilizer :

The first irrigation in the carrot crop should be done soon aft er the sowing. While irrigation, use 1000 liter Patanjali fertilizer, prepared by Patanjali process essentially while second irrigation should be done one week aft er sowing. Since, the germination of the seed takes time, the moisture in the field should be maintained so that the germination percentage increases. After the germination of the seed, irrigate after gap of 15 days. When the crop is 60-65 days old, mix 50 kg granular fertilizer prepared by Patanjali Bio Research Institute mixed with 5 KG Patanjali Panchyog and sprinkle on the crops, which ensures better development of the roots.

Patanjali toxin free agriculture department has, in its practical research experiments use vermi compost fertilizer in the carrot crop and got bumper production. If farmer brothers use 150 kg of vermi compost per acre for initial 90 days at an interval of 15-15 days, the dimension and length of the carrot will have surprising development.


Weeding is the most serious problem, observed in carrot crop. The weeds extract moisture and nutritious elements from the soil and hence hinder the development of the crop. Thus, from the crop, de-weeding is necessary at a definite interval. When the roots of carrot develop, make the soil airy so that the color change in the upper region of the roots does not take place. If de-weeding is done at a definite interval, better quality and production is ensured.

The natural treatments of the carrot crop diseases

1. `Adralingan` disease:

This disease mostly affects crops. This disease is caused due to phytium amphinidematum fungus. The disease infects the crop, as soon as seeds germinate. The lower portion of the stem, which is close to the soil gets rot and ultimately destroys the whole plant.


To keep the crop safe from the disease, seed treatment is the best process. To treat 3.5 kg of seed, add 2 liters of cow urine, 100 grams lime and 300 grams of cow dung or neem wood ash and keep the mixture for a night. Later, mix 4 liters of water and keep the seed in the mix for 10-12 minutes. Dry them in shadow and later sow.

2- Bacteria `Mridu Sadan`

Disease :

In the carrot crop, this disease is being spread by a special bacterium. It impacts on the pulp of the root. The roots get rot, reducing the productivity considerably.


To save the crop from the disease, soon after irrigating the crop, sprinkle mix of ash and
copper sulfate. For every acre of crop, sprinkle 4 kg of ash in 1 kg of copper sulfate so that the crop remains safe from the disease.

Digging and production –

The digging should be done after watching the upper portion of the carrot, i.e. its thickness (diameter).When the diameter is 2-3 cms, irrigate the farm and carefully take out the carrot roots.

Following the above methods, production of 100-110 quintal per acre could be received.

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Editorial of Acharya Balkrishna

Editorial of Acharya Balkrishna

The word “Swa” has a special place in Indian culture. This word of one and half letters contains everything in itself. For example- Self, own nation, own religion, self duty, own people, own rule, self study, self dependent, and indigenous are the words of which meaning is enormous.

Editorial of Acharya BalkrishnaThe word Swadesi is not confined to the stuffs manufactured in our country but this word is the very mantra for the development of oneself, development of the society and the country. Rigveda, which is the oldest scripture of the world, Maryadapurushottam Sriram, Yogiraj Srikrishna, Mahayogi Shiv, Hanuman and in the modern era, Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati, all gave a call for Swaraj. Great freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Ramprasad Bismil, and others too gave importance to indigenous in their life. When lord Ram was departing Ayodhya, he took with him a mass of the soil of his motherland. When he saw the Lanka, made of gold, he automatically said- Janani Janmabhumishcha Swargadapi Gariyasi which means mother and motherland are greater than the paradise. In this statement there is a profound scientifi c meaning hidden. Lord Shiva’s musical instrument is Damaru, Srikrishna’s is flute, Mother Saraswati’s instrument is Veena,Lord Ram’s weapon is arch, Lord Hanuman’s weapon is mace or Gada, and it is interesting to note that these instruments have an intense philosophy of Swadeshi or indigenous. Aft er independence, Mahatma Gandhi himself burnt foreign stuff s publicly, worked on spinning wheel to promote the philosophy of indigenous unfortunately he could not carry it forward because no successive government was interested in its promotion and the remaining respect for it was destroyed in 1991 when the Government enforced new economic policy under the pressure of the World Bank, International Monitory fund, the USA, Japan and the European Multi National Companies.

Editorial of Acharya Balkrishna
In the last 25 years, these companies have made many people in rural areas and eight crore labourers jobless. They occupied their skills, resources and their system of production and weaken the whole economic system. Rest of economy has come under the control corporate houses. Retail market was also targeted. In such adverse circumstances, Swami Ramdev ji is not only a proponent of Swadeshi, but he has made the philosophy of indigenous a reality which earlier seemed to be impossible. Almost a decade back, when Swami ji would talk of indigenous, people would ask him why should one not drink Coke-Pepsi. What do you have as their alternative? Similarly, in case of other products, people had to use foreign products due to lack of any alternative. Taking their problem seriously, Patanjali, without any assistance from the government or any corporate house, the funds collected from the middle class in the form of alms was started to be used for the service to the people. Some devotees at the Ashram worked hard with which this journey was started and it acquired such a huge momentum as a plane catches speed aft er rising above the ground. It has been said in the scriptures that “Kriyasiddhi Satve bhavati Mahatam nopakarne” which means the success of a sacred person’s works depends upon purity, selfl essness and hard work and not on availability or resources. Today, Patanjali products have become the biggest priority of all sections of the society. Following are the four main reasons behind it-
1. Patanjali products are cheaper than the same of other brands.
2. They are produced by using hundred percent pure ingredients.
3. In deciding the use of ingredients of the products, extensive research is conducted. The most         important point is that the income generated from sale of these products is fully used in the service to the nation which is not possible to be thought by any foreign company. On the contrary, their main motive is to take away wealth of India as much as they can.

Today, across the country, there are around 1500 Chikitsalaya (dispensaries), 3500 Health care centers and 15000 indigenous centers, through which Patanjali is engaged in the service to the people and the country. Till date, Patanjali products have acquired a significant hold in open market.

Editorial of Acharya Balkrishna

Today, Patanjali products are trusted by people with blind eyes. They have become a synonym of trust. Business Today magazine’s Sarika Malhotra visited Haridwar to know about Patanjali products and described about her experience in detain in December 2015 issue of the magazine. Similarly other magazines and publications have shown great interest in Patanjali products and are writing
extensively on them. It seems there is a storm of Patanjali’s Swadeshi Movement across the
country. People feel proud in offering Patanjali products are gift . Throgh the agents of other companies also try to raise questions on the quality of Patanjali products by talking groundless
things, but they failed to prove their claims. Now the Chief Ministers of many states are requesting
Swami ji to set up food parks in their respective states because the whole philosophy of Patanjali is based on justice, indigenous, non-violence, and the principle of prosperity for all. Patanjali too has accepted their offers because only Haridwar unit of food park is not able to fulfill the need of the whole country.

Editorial of Acharya BalkrishnaWe are grateful and proud that in today’s time from common  to affluent persons in the country are giving top priority to Patanjali products. It is an important step in ensuring prosperity of the country. Using Swadeshi products is a matter of pride for the whole nation.

Etreal truth of Baba Ramdev

Etreal truth of Baba Ramdev

Etreal truth of Baba RamdevEvery theist and patriot Indian, irrespective of his or her religious faith, community
or ideology, must pledge the three things:
1. Pledge to practice yoga everyday.
2. Pledge to use only indigenous things in day to day life.
3. Feeling the presence of the almighty in oneself and in all others, pledge to serve all
    with devotion and dedication.

Yoga: Vedic Arya Hindus are the origin of Indian culture. It is the yoga which is the origin of disease-free, addiction-free, medicine-free and tension free life. It is the yoga which is present in the divinity of almighty which is present in everything in this universe. Yoga in one hand cures material flaws in our body and maintains the balance of all metals in our body, on the other hand maintains a right balance in the mind, body and speech and cures minute flaws and makes everything auspicious for us.

Tam yogamiti manyante sthiramindriyadharanam I
Apramattastada bhawati yogohi prabhavapyayau I (Katho 6.11)

The man who does yoga in life is free from all kings of mistakes (Pramaad). Birth of wisdom or auspiciousness is called Prabhav and bad habits, and end of ominous tendencies, such feelings is called Apyaya.

Etreal truth of Baba Ramdev

Swadeshi vrata: Indigenous is not a material thing, but it is an enormous and serious philosophy of life based on the principle of divine and natural justice. Swadeshi is the Principle of Inclusive, Sustainable, Passive & Justice full Prosperity. Feeling the presence of the Almighty all around means this world is the creation of that almighty and he is present in its every particle. -- "Isha vasyamidam sarvam, sarvam khalu idam brahma, vasudeva sarvam, siyaramamaya sab jag jani"

‘Sa avadhstatsa uparishtatsa pashchatsa purastatsa dakshinatah sa uttaratah sa
avedam, sarvamityathatoahamuttaratoahamevedam sarvamitiI’ (Chhando- 7/25/1)

It means what ever capabilities we have with regard to our body, soul, mind, speech, thinking, etc or in the field of social, political and economical positions , it has to be used in the service to the nation. It means whatever we have got, we have got from the almighty. When we start to consume our capabilities, our divine achievements are destroyed. When it is used in the service to others, it grows exponentially. It is our wealth which is eternal. The man who leads such a life, he becomes sacred, divine, great, highly respected and becomes good for all. He becomes the son of the Almighty on this earth and he comes a great sage.

Coexistence : Foundation of relation

Coexistence : Foundation of relation

Coexistence : Foundation of relation
ALL the components of this universe are so closely related to each other that existence of one is not possible without others. Existence of any one unit means that unit is connected with the whole environment in coexistence. This dialogue is in its utmost form beyond humans. Not among living beings but in plants, the sun, the moon, oceans, forests, rivers, mountains, etc, are connected with each other with a thread from its one end to other.

Coexistence : Foundation of relation            This is called coexistence. Through the sun, the water of rivers and other water bodies keep getting evaporated due to which clouds are formed then they fall on the earth in the form of water again, creation of electricity in the sky, its thundering, formation of nitres, rain water brings nutritious fertilizers for our soul from the sky, formation of glaciers in the mountains, which give birth to perennial rivers, etc are the phenomena which keep happening naturally. Leaves fall from the trees on the ground and they make fertilizers, vitalize the soil itself, animal wastes also vitalize the soil and make it fertile and the crop grown in the soil is again used as fodder for the same animals. In fact all the components of this universe are helping each other in their existence.
Unfortunately, humans who are the wisest among all others, are not able to recognize their duties and are not discharging their duties well and hence he is crossing his limits. These way humans are themselves causing their own destruction.

Right thinking:

The one who want to live in this world pleasure and wants to give pleasure to his own Brothers and sisters, who are all out to make this planet like a paradise, wants to make everyone free from all kinds of pains, he will have to be cautious at this stage of relations. The relation between human and the nature, his relation with other living beings, and at the end his relation with the almighty, has to be recognized well.
            Without understanding this relation, humans may make jet planes, can send satellites in the space to do research on stars and planets can create a global village, can use his Technology to measure the depth of the earth and the oceans, can build bridges in the oceans, can transplant human organs, and can successfully conduct operation of sensitive Brain, but cannot attain pleasure.

            Now it has become very important for people to recognize their relations with the nature and mend the relation if there is any flaw. Besides it is also important to identify The mutual emotional relations as in its absence, we become very selfish and want to use everything available in the world for our own sake. Without taking care of others, without paying respect to others, how can we be happy? It is the law of nature that we get only that Which we give others.

Coexistence : Foundation of relation

Rise above greed and envy:

Everything in the world has a value.   There is also a value to human life. It is the right kind of feeling, respect, trust, affection, dedication, pride, gratefulness, etc. If you have such emotional quotients, you are a human in true sense otherwise you nothing more than a mass of flesh. If you are influenced by selfishness, you cannot be happy to see others happy. But where ever you work for others, it is the human values that inspire you. Second factor is that whether your relations are based on enlightenment or it lacks in your relations. It can be judged by recognising whether it has greed, envy etc in your relations or not. When these factors come to influence you, a decline in your relations begins, though it is better to have right evaluation, however, where there is a relationship, you have to be very careful to ensure it could not affect your relations. By rising above these demerits, you can start a relation based on love and affection.

Anurakto gunan brute virakto dushanani cha I
Madhyasthaya namastasmai vibhako gunadoshayoh II

        Arrogance makes you feel that you are different from others and even if you consider someone your own, want to dissolve in it completely. Where ever people are seen in groups, there are three kinds of possibilities, ward, crowd and the society. Where conflicting people Gather, there starts war and here the people want to destroy their adversaries. Here arrogance and selfishness are at their zenith. They increase enmity.

            Sensible Behavior:

The group of other types of people is of such kind that neither cooperates with each other nor they do cooperate. They are basically aloof to each other. The gathering of such people is called crowd. The specialty of third kind of people is the cooperative mindset. All are connected with the thread of love and affection. The group of such people is called society.

Here it is important to understand that elements like love, affection, respect, etc are found in every relation. Yes, it is also important to note that in a healthy relation, any kind of behaviour will not make you feel bad. Hence, a cooperative life is led in a relation. Where There are two or more people living together it is better to conclude that no relation exists between them.

            It can be understood in a different way. If you make a relation the means of self-assessment instead of self gratification, it will help in your inner development in a great Way. You can be an enlightened person in a true sense. Hence a true scholar can understand his acts which are guided by arrogance. It can be understood that when and Where anger, greed, desire, lust, envy, bad feelings are taking birth. A lone person can consider himself anything but reality can be known through his behaviour. Hence our Relations make us feel about our own behaviour, to know about ourselves. It also makes us to know what a kind of people we are.

            You cannot be pure without understanding divinity in your relations. For the sake of purity, make make one pure, it is important to go deep into your own soul. From here onwards, the ray of co-existence appears.

Global Changing in India

Global Changing in India

Global Changing in India
Fast pace developments are occurring at the global scenario and when we see Bharat, in the light of these events, we see that the nation is touching new heights in different aspects. Many countries, on the other hand, are ready to relinquish their dogma and seem agreeing to adopt a mixed culture and being a part of the global family. In such context, the role of Bharat becomes of utmost importance.Some of the global developments are in front of us, which needs to be analyzed seriously.

Softness of Security Council

Security Council has agreed to interfere in the ongoing home-turf war in Syria, which is continuing since past five years. This international development is not only surprising but important   also. Syria is being ruled by Bashar I Assad where full blown war is continuing since past long time. The superpowers, if not directly, indirectly put two forces in front of each other and in such circumstances; the unanimous decision of the United Nations Security Council is nothing short of

In its 11 point resolution, Security Council said that they will try to establish such Government in Syria, which is all-inclusive, trustworthy and non-communal. Th is Government will chalk out new constitution in 18 months and ensure impartial and justified elections. Security Council will make an appeal to all the associated groups for ceasefire. In fact, the proposal of the Security Council is so good, that it is difficult to believe on it as when Saudi Arab and America almost hate Bashar AL-Assad, Russia and Iran believe that if Assad is displaced, Syria will become the biggest center of terrorism in the region and anarchy will prevail in entire Western Asia. America and Saudi Arab believe that there should be difference between Islamic State and opponents of Assad. But Russia and Iran don’t want to distinguish and their forces are killing both the groups. Despite sharp difference of opinion, if they have agreed upon on a common agenda, it is big achievement of the international politics. Whatever may be the results, but it should be viewed as a wider change in the attitude.
Global Changing in India

For the peace of Southern Asia:

Many new developments are occurring in India-Pakistan relationship. But one thing is clear that if India-Pakistan- Afghanistan forms a troika, it will be a dangerous combination for the terrorists. If all the three nations make a collective strategy the terrorists and the terrorism could be wiped out. Now, all the three nations should take pledge that at every cost, they will continue dialogue between them. Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, in a convention said that if you want to run the heart properly, don’t block the supply of blood in its veins. Means, the trade facilities, roads, transportation
among them should be opened. If an era of cooperation and harmony begins between these three countries, the oil, gas and mineral assets available in the five countries of Central Asia could benefit entire South Asia. Even the roads to Iran, Turkey and Europe could be opened.

Tapi pipeline, a project of 66,000 crore rupees is an experiment. This project begins from Turkmenistan and via Afghanistan and Pakistan, reaches India. 1800 kms long pipeline will supply 9 crore cubic meter gas daily. In the same proportion, these countries may get oil, if they keep their differences on hold for sometime or resolve them. And if they succeed in doing this, South Asia could be more powerful, prosperous and peaceful as compared to Europe. It is the demand of the time. If we miss this opportunity, all will have to bear the burden in future as currently, we are doing.

Excessive utilization should be stopped:

In the World Climate convention, held in Paris recently, a proposal was passed on which American President Obama, France President Francois Hollande and Narendra Modi believed that 196 countries of the world will do something now so that the global temperature will increase just by 2 or 1.5 degree. Means, the pollution, which has spread in past 150- 200 years, will be controlled now. It is
good optimism.

It is correct that in Paris, China and India were not accused of spreading maximum pollution by burning coal, cow dung cake and wood but none also did not say that the prosperous countries of the Western region have spread pollution in last 150-200 years, which is many times more as compared to other countries on the globe and still, they are continuing to do so. It is unfortunate for the world that the leaders of India and China are just following others. They have made both the countries followers of America.They are supporting their life style ignorant of to which, they think is development is actually detrimental. The demon of consumerism has spoiled the entire nature.
The prosperous countries have assured to give Rs 100 Billion dollars annually aft er 2020 but it is not binding. If they will not give the amount, what you can do? If the countries will depend on 100 Billion dollars for the alternative resources of energy, only god can save them. At present, none knows who will share how much amount.

The point, which was to be spoken in the Paris conclave, which neither any leader, nor the convention said was that the people should not consume meals, use accommodation, cars, refrigerators, air conditioners, mobile phones, arms, electricity more than what is needed. People should use bare minimum, till the need is fulfilled. If barely 20% of the global population will follow these principles, the life of rest of the people will be enlightened. Entire world will develop a new balance, when nobody will be poor or hungry. Temperature and pollution will decrease by itself.

The ‘intelligence’ of 58 Members of Parliament!

The Gujarat High Court judge JB Pardiwala should be congratulated that he bared a truth, which nobody dared to speak. While delivering its verdict on Hardik Patel issue, he said that the two subjects have completely spoiled the country, one is corruption and the other is reservation. Annoyed
with his statements, 58 members of the upper house submitted an impeachment notice against him. What a ‘great work’? I don’t know why they did so. They were annoyed with the corruption issue or the reservation is still unclear.

But our leaders remain ahead in both the issues and both are most liked by them. One issues provides
them vote and the other note. Vote and note are `anulim-vilom` of our politics. Pardiwala ascended to such a big post but might be very simple by heart. What was the need to touch such a sensitive issue?

The MP have charged that opposing the reservation, Pardiwala has violated the constitutional decorum. It is very blunt plea. Over 100 amendments have been held in the constitution hitherto so, shall we consider hes amendments as violation of the  constitution? Constitution is the document, is regular changing document. It is a mirror of the society, people and the country. It changes with the time. Now if any judge is demanding alterations in it, warning him is unconstitutional.

In fact, the caste based reservation has become cancerous to the society. It severally damages, the reserved category itself. All the creamy layers are being usurped by the influential people and crores of poor, deprived people keep watching it mutely. In fact reservation has become the biggest drama of Independent India. The basis of the reservation should not be birth but the need. It should not be
provided in jobs but cent percent in the education.

The above four analysis reveal that Bharat will have to undergo drastic changes in its internal experiments and designs, if it wants to be the super power in the world. Moreover, it will have to re-design and prepare constitutional, spiritual, judicial and social system to meet the new challenges.So first-of-all, we have to be aware and help the country in \reaching at the top. chal- , 

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It is right time to celebrate global success of indigenous

It is right time to celebrate global success of indigenous
It has become a cliché that Patanjali’s noodles contain insects. It is quite natural because this product of Patanjali has proved to be the best among all other brands. It is fresh and good for health. It is hundred percent true. Patanjali Yogpeeth and its mentors like Swami Ramdev ji and Acharya Balkrishna ji have passed all tests, have successfully exposed all bids of their rivals to malign their image.

It is right time to celebrate global success of indigenous            The main reason behind this liveliness is the motto to serve and crores of the people and the country. Who can shake the feet which have stepped out with 100 percent purity of intentions to serve the people? But what to say about maligned intentions of some wicked people and organizations.

It happened a little bit in the past. A queen of some foreign country organized an exhibition of crabs at her palace. Crabs from across the world kept in glass pots were brought in the palace. All the pots were carefully covered. 

On seeing them the queen was very happy. All of a sudden her eyes stopped at a comparatively small post in which dangerous looking crabs were kept. She also observed that the cap of the pot was not present at the top of the pot. Fearing something wrong, she immediately left the hall and came out. She was very angry.

It is right time to celebrate global success of indigenousThe person who was in charge of the event was summoned. He humbly said that these dangerous looking crabs were brought from India, the country which has fell from its Glorious position of Vishwaguru, the mentor of the world. He also said that these crabs travelled thousands of km long distance to be brought there. There is no chance of their Coming out of the pot. He further said that even if any of them will try to come out of the pot, rest of all will pull him down again in the pot. In fact, these crabs from India have a tendency to not to  tolerated the progress of others. They are envious and cannot allow any of them to prosper. Theirenmity from each other is known across the world. They are always ready to conspire against each other, to obstruct the path of their own progress, only due to their atred for each other. Envy is the identity of today’s Indians of modern days.

Patanjali and Baba Ramdev are faced with similar kind of problems. Despite having studied at a small Gurukul, traditional school of sages, Baba Ramdev has accomplished Unforeseen success in his life. He has surprised not only common people but also the big corporate houses and most successful entrepreneurs from across the world. This sage on his own started manufacturing Chyawanprash on the basis of the formula suggested by our great ancient sages and the way he started a business aimed at providing pure and authentic products to masses at affordable price is amazing. The kind of empire he has established is no less than the success of Bill Gates. In my personal opinion he is hundred times greater than the most successful any other person of the world because he has successfully countered the tricks, conspiracy, greed, deception, attractive but false claims made in their advertisements. He countered all this on the basis of his strong will power and the power of Swadeshi or indigenous. Behind this there lies his strong dedication for Swadeshi, pride to the motherland, pride for being an Indian, and he is moving ahead successfully.

It is right time to celebrate global success of indigenous
The most amazing thing is that once, Swadeshi was viewed as a ridiculous idea, but Swamiji’s motive to serve the people, purity of his products, quality of his household products, his indigenous formula to manufacture these products, etc have set up a big market for wadeshi products. Big businessmen of the country and the world are surprised at the success story of Swamiji. Once starting a business venture was viewed as the world’s most difficult thing. But Swamiji presented a very simple method of doing business which have encouraged many countrymen to successfully run a business. Nobody can ignore the success of Patanjali Ayurveda and its research based medicines. The success of Patanjali’s dispensaries is no doubt extraordinary.

Swami Ramdev ji has undoubtedly played a crucial role in establishing the science of Indian Yoga at global level and due to his efforts the world has recognized it by observing International Yoga Day across the world. Unfortunately, many forces are engaged in maligning his image, denying his contribution and raising question on his patriotism, dedication to the people and the country.

            It is like spitting in the sky. Actually masses are already with Babaji and had the support of all types of intellectuals been behind Babaji, it would have helped in economic prosperity of the country and pride of the nation would have further grown across the world.

Moreover, the time has gone to suspect on his business empire which has acquired a huge size. It will be pertinent to say that many of my highly educated relatives and friends, who would earlier use the products of MNCs, now have started using Patanjali products in their daily life. Since it is a holy work therefore failure of Patanjali is out of question and it is clear from the success Baba ji and Patanjali. Their natural and indigenous products are becoming highly popular among masses and this popularity is growing exponentially. This popularity among the people is no less than a Nobel Prize for Swami Ramdev ji.

Now the time has come to get rid of our centuries old slave like mentality and remote indigenous with open mind praise and globally celebrate the success of Patanjali products. If it could happen, no doubt the talents of rural India, which have been unrecognized and uncelebrated so far, would dare to make new history for the country and the humanity. It will be called the preparation of a massive indigenous movement.

How to Handle Pregnancy Situation Properly

How to Handle Pregnancy Situation Properly
Pregnancy a very delicate and sensitive stage of a woman’s life. This is the state when she needs to be the most careful about her health because just slightest carelessness can endanger her life. This is the time when a woman is under fear due to uncertainty of her health, at the same time her heart is also full of joy waiting for advent of a baby in her life.

            During first 2-3 months of pregnancy, most of the expecting mothers feel vomiting. They have lack of proper appetite, in this situation she should eat according to her Desire. At the time of a baby’s birth, she has to incur immense labour pain, and it is the expectation of an expecting mother that birth of her baby should take place smoothly, without any issue. It is important for her to consider it as a natural phenomenon and have a positive attitude. She should not allow any kind of anxiety to enter into her mind. She should ward off negativity related to birth of her baby.

How to Handle Pregnancy Situation Properly
            During whole nine months’ period of pregnancy, an expecting mother needs to spend this period successfully by following proper diet, sleep. She should convince herself that she is going to become a mother which is the biggest achievement of a woman in the world. The Nine months should be spent with positive thinking.

            Though, changes in a woman’s nature are apparent with the time when she realizes that she has conceived. Some women are under fear, others have anxiety. It is required for her husband and her family members that she should always feel happy live tension free life. Necessary tests should be done time to time. This will give her an idea of her and her baby’s heath and she will be able to do whatever is required to be done.

            Never allow her blood pressure level to rise as high blood pressure could have adverse impact on the baby’s growth. If the mother is already suffering from high Blood Pressure problem, should take iron, calcium and other tablets at certain intervals as per doctor’s advice. Regular routine check up is also important to be done.

            Help her to maintain her mental peace, have right thinking, should listen melodious and pleasant music and she should also read the books which have good effect on her mind. These things will also have good effect on the unborn baby’s growth.

Urine test is also necessary, so that the level of albumin and sugar in her blood could be known and could also be controlled if she has any problem.

Blood test is also important. Many a times it is possible that her unborn baby could be inflicted by any hereditary disease which could hamper its physical and mental growth. Blood test can help the doctor to know such a problem and treat it on time.


One is advised to take health and nutritious food. An expecting mother should take food in a way so that she could gain at least one Kg weight a month. It is nice if an expecting Mother gains 10-12 kg weight during whole period of nine months.

Vegetarian food is considered to be the best for this period. One should take care of providing balanced diet to an expecting mother and her weight should not grow beyond advised limit. A woman can take milk, milk products and fresh coconut in abundance during this period. If her weight grows beyond advised limit, she could feel problems in changing her body posture while on bed or in the chair.

Proper diet of mother is very necessary for problem free birth of a baby. It is advised to provide pulses, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables fibrous food to an expecting mother. She can also be given moong, peanuts, protein and iron rich food like papaya, dates, raisin, etc. Avoid highly fatty food as they can cause problem of piles. Therefore the food should be rich in iron, protein and calcium.

It is also important to take care that unnecessary advice by people around her could lead her to the state of anxiety. It is also advised not to take papaya for the first three months of pregnancy. Otherwise she can take the food of her interest. This will help her to maintain good health.

During this period, a woman is strictly advised to ward off her habit of addiction of narcotics or alcohol. She should also take tea, coffee and cold drinks very less, or if possible she should stop taking them. Spicy and oily food should also be avoided.

Labour and medicines:

It is better not to take any medicine    in case she has could or cough as their medicines contain caffeine which could have bad impact on her health. In this period, level of Calcium and haemoglobin has to be proper in her body as it will allow smooth birth of a baby.

It has also been seen that an expecting mother often faint therefore, it is advised to consult a doctor immediately. This condition can be dangerous for both the mother and the baby. The women who have frequent issue of miscarriage, should avoid physical exercises

If the mother has diabetes problem, then it is very important to careful at the time of the birth of the baby as this time, the blood pressure level is high which can increase the Baby’s weight and difficulties can come in his birth. To ward off such problems, it is advised that a diabetic mother, who is expecting should go for regular check up of her blood pressure level and insulin levels. Activities like going upstairs, working on grinding machines, normal walk, some simple exercises and yoga and Pranayam make birth of child easy.

However, one should avoid doing such activities beyond capacity. Avoid hard work, frequently going up and down stairs, don’t raise heavy weight as such activities will have Adverse impact on unborn child.

Also stop sex during the period of pregnancy. In the first four months of pregnancy, Never be empty stomach and if you feel vomiting even then don’t stop taking food. Take as much water as you can. Towards the end of pregnancy, women are not able to eat much, hence, it is advised to give them more and more fruits, milk and other nutritious diet so that their body could get sufficient nutrition.

Never do these mistakes:

Never lie on the bed by stomach, never be wake up till late in the night, never be in wrong body posture, never take excessive bed rest, continue to do your regular routine works. Don’t take the medicines which contain mercury, in condition of fatigue, tiredness, jaundice, etc, these medicines have adverse impact on the patient. Avoid sorrow, anger, fear, fasting, long journey, travelling in a vehicle which gives a lot of jerk. Avoid taking alcohol, mutton, non-vegetarian food, allopathic medicines, etc.

During this period, a woman feels itching in her stomach; avoid to rub the part of stomach which is itching with your nails. Better you use cotton for this purpose.

Natural activities:

Must take deep breath in open space for 4-5 times at one time and this have to be repeated for 10-15 times a day. Practising it will be very useful during this period. Keep Soothing pictures which give you a pleasant feeling.

Take sufficient sleep:

Take rest for 2-3 hours a day and also sleep for at least 5-6 hours in the night. Listen your favourite music as it will have a favourable effect on your mind. In pregnancy, take special care of your body posture while sleeping. Lie in a way that there should not be jerk on your stomach.

Our eight months:

During first six months, visit at least once to your doctor, in seventh and eighth month visit there on fifteen days, so that the doctor could know about growth of your baby and could do anything on time in case there is any problem. Take breathing exercise as per a doctor’s advice. The doctor knows it in the eighth or ninth month if the birth will be normal or caesarean. If the birth will be caesarean, the family members as well as the expecting mother should be mentally prepared. This kind of delivery is conducted by a doctor for Good health of both the mother and the child in case no other option is left.

How to Handle Pregnancy Situation Properly

Affectionate behavior:

To make birth of a baby easier, it is the responsibility to maintain pleasure in his life partner’s life. His behavior has to be friendly, affectionate, cooperative and supportive as such a behavior will make things easier. At the time of a baby’s birth, the mental condition of the mother is very important. If she is in tension or anxiety, or depression, it will make the baby’s birth very difficult. Psychiatrists can be helpful in this period.

A woman should avoid being  in contact of perfumes phenol, pesticides, etc as it can be harmful for both the mother and the child. An expecting mother should avoid taking excess salt in food as it can cause swelling in her limbs, of course, if she has low blood pressure, the quantity of salt can be increased in meal. If she is working at places where x-ray machines, chemicals, smoke etc are used the most, avoid your work during this period.

In pregnancy, pregnant women feel a lot of hunger; therefore it is advised to take meal in small quantity at short intervals. Taking a lot of food in one time may cause indigestion and other problems. Take food in proper quantity; avoid fatty food in the first three months.

During pregnancy, a woman’s skin could be dry, sticky, oily, etc. It is advised not to use soap in this period. Better you use some good moisturizer that suits your skin. If the colour of your skin turns black, or you have small grains on the face, you should not be concerned about it. After baby’s birth, the problem will automatically become vanished.

Above mentioned suggestions and using Patanjali’s nutritious products and medicines will keep an expecting mother healthy and happy and the baby’s birth will be easy.

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