Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jatharagni, Pranagni vital for our body and life

Jatharagni, Pranagni vital for our body and life

Jatharagni, Pranagni vital for our body and life

Ushmanoalpbalatwen dhatumadyamapachitam. Dushtamamashyagaatam rasmamam prachakshate. Anye doshebhya avatidushtebhyoanyonyamurchchhanaat. Kodravebhyo vishasyeva vadantyamsya sambhavam. Aamen ten samprikta dosha dooshyashcha dooshitah. Sama ityupadishyante ye cha rogastadubhdavah.
Anvya - Ushmanah alpabalatven apachitam amashyagatam dushtam rasam adyam dhatum aamam prachakshate, anye atidushtebhyah doshebhyah Anyonyamurchchhanaat aeva amasya sambhavam kodravebhyah vishasya eva vadanti. Ten aamen sampriktah dushitah doshah aeva tadudbhavah ye rogah sama iti updishyante.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cold makes our body virus free

How cold makes our body virus free ?

Cold makes our body virus free
Cold is such a disease for which no medicine could be found. Another big mystery related to the disease Cold is that excess use of medicine makes the problem even more complicated. Experts are of the view that it is wrong to consider cold as a disease. In fact, it is a natural mechanism which cleanse our body from germs and also removes toxic organisms from the body. Dr Nagendra Neeraj is analysing cold from this very point of view.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ashok cures fever, blood related problems, leucorrhoea - Uses

Ashok cures fever, blood related problems, leucorrhoea - Uses

Ashok cures fever, 

blood related problems, leucorrhoea. 

According to science of Ayurveda, a medicine has to induce a sense of confidence in a patient that he will get rid of the disease. 

Actually the body is directly connected to our nature therefore a disease is born out when there is an imbalance in the nature around us. In such a condition, a medicine has to be found out from the nature itself. On the contrary, if we use unnatural chemicals as medicine, then it may not show its adverse impact immediately but in long future, its wrong impact is bound to appear.

Search for divine souls Editorial from Acharya Balkrishna

Search for divine souls
Respected Swami ji has searched one thousand boys, girls, men and women between age group of 5-35 years. They are being prepared to develop seven divine qualities in them.

The kids and adults who will have seven qualities like- Dhriti, Smriti, Pratibha, Purusharth, Parakrama, Kritagyata and Sadaacharan, they will be people of high standard. Such spirits are capable to develop themselves as threat men or great saints. No good fruit is possible without good quality seeds. Similarly, if the efforts are made to build high standard souls, 100 per cent result is quite possible. If the best quality of humans which have been in existence for generations, are analysed well, we will find all the aforementioned seven qualities in the character of the kids. We have heard from many great sages like Maharshi Patanjali and others that some people are great from their time of birth, some people raise the quality of their character through Purusharth while others are imposed on the society as great men in the field of politics, agriculture, industry, etc.

Acharya Balkrishna
The people who had aforementioned seven qualities since childhood, they consider then as great souls by birth. If these souls get proper training, right environment and good trainer, and proper efforts are made on their development, they can become great men, great soul, great Purusharthi, great saints, divine humans, divine souls, etc. Through our organisation, media and other means, search for the souls full of the seven qualities like Dhriti, Smriti, Pratibha, Purusharth, Parakrama, Kritagyata and Sadaacharan and ensure their training according to Patanjai's Rishi Parampara and prepare them as sages.

Editorial from Acharya BalkrishnaIf you are in contact with any such a soul, immediately contact us on our ph no:- 01334240008, 246737, 248888, 248999 or inform us on our email- or send us letter in this regard and be play a key role in this great work.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Victory Chariot of Lord Ram

Victory Chariot of Lord Ram

Every individual in the world wishes to see only victory in life. No body wants to get defeated. From the point of view of the body, thoughts, speech, dialogue, property, dignity, wearing, residence, vehichles, resources, social status, etc, everyone wants only to win. He wants to win the whole world. But in Geeta, Lord Krishna said that one who has control over his body, mind, habits, nerves, sensual desire, etc, is the real winner. The person who wins in this world, internally or externally, is great. Vedas too inspire us for victory: 

'Ahamindro na parajigye. Aganinrasmi janmana jaatveda, ghreetam men chakshuramritam ma aasan. Arakstridhatoo rajaso vimanoajastro gharmo havirsmi nama. Kritam me dakshine haste jayo me savya aahitah. Vijay arthat Vishesh jay.'

Getting victory is not an easy affair. Efforts made for a long period of time non-stop and full of dedication lead us to victory. Describing victory, a poet said, "Victory and earth are daughters of some affluent person. They always go to a powerful person and not to a coward. If you choose victory? Will you become winner of the whole earth? Then learn how to sacrifi ce your blood."

In this context, I remember an instance in Ramayana. In the 57th Sarg of Yuddhakand, when Lord Ram and Ravan were in front of each other, Ravan has a huge and well equipped chariot and he is also equipped with arrow, shield, bow, sword, and all other means to attack and defend himself, and on the other side Lord Ram, in a very humble state, wearing simple dress, simple slippers in the feet. He is standing on the ground without any chariot. Seeing this state, Vibhishan became frightened and said- O lord, you don't have any strong weapon to attack your enemy or defend your enemy. I am frightened, how will you defeat this giant?

Ravan Rathi Virath Raghuvira,
Dekh Vibhishan Bhayahu Adhira,

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Divine life : Eternal truth emanating out of the eternal wisdom

Eternal truth emanating out of the eternal wisdom of 

respected Swami ji Maharaj

There are three types of human lives- 1. Low quality, 2. Simple quality 3. Best quality. Life full of ominous things, impurity, Adharma, fear, quarrel, lust, lack of knowledge or enlightenment is insult of the best gift of almighty. Therefore, all humans should make efforts for getting rid of low level, insanity and barbarism and rise to make the life of best quality. Purusharth is very necessary for good life.

Normally, people are seen simple or middle quality of life. Such people have faith in god. They lead a religious life and they also have concern for the cause of the society in general and avoid to indulge into irreligious activities or sinister acts. They also want to have material pleasure as well as divine blessings and largely involved in prayer to almighty, yoga and meditation. Third is the best quality of life with is divine and complete dedication to almighty happens to be the final goal of life. Here we, after getting rid of all kind of illusions and understanding the reality of nature and almighty, we can realise our evolution and nihshreyas. Self-less service and efforts are the two key means of living life. Pure knowledge, pure acts, pure worshiping, which means Gyan, Karma and Bhakti are the three key forces which together propel our life.

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