Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yoga treats heart blockage in arteries without by-pass surgery

Swami ji,

I am a 53-year- old woman and since 1976, I am working in Indian Olympics Association (IOA). On November 22, 2004, I suffered a heart stroke. Then, I went for medical check-up, during which it was established that my two arteries were blocked 90 percent and 85 percent respectively. In Apollo hospital, I underwent Angiography. On January 11, 2005, the panel of doctors unanimously advised to undergo by-pass surgery. I was very disappointed and depressed as I did not want to put under knives. Hence, I decided not to go for by-pass operation whatever may come.

I was very much impressed with your programme on Astha channel and drawing inspiration from it, I started Yoga at home. Yoga, diet as suggested by you and juice of bottle guard helped me a lot and in one-and-a-half year I am now completely cured. Doctors had said that I would have to take medicines for the whole life but slowly I stopped allopathic medicines. I was feeling exhausted only after walking a little distance but slowly that problem has also disappeared.
I am really thankful to you for the drive you have undertaken to keep the nation and the world healthy.

Truly yours,

Arwind Bala
Project Officer,
Indian Olympics Association,
GH-8/26, Pancheel Vihar,
New Delhi.


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