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Coexistence : Foundation of relation

Coexistence : Foundation of relation
Coexistence : Foundation of relation
Coexistence : Foundation of relationALL  the components of this universe are so closely related to each other that existence of one is not possible without others. Existence of any one unit means that unit is connected with the whole environment in coexistence. This dialogue is in its utmost form beyond humans. Not among living beings but in plants, the sun, the moon, oceans, forests, rivers, mountains, etc, are connected with each other with a thread from its one end to other.

Coexistence : Foundation of relation            
This is called coexistence. Through the sun, the is is called coexistence. the water of rivers and other water bodies keep getting evaporated due to which clouds are formed then they fall on the earth in the form of water again, creation of electricity in the sky, its thundering, formation of nitres, rain water brings nutritious fertilizers for our soul from the sky, formation of glaciers in the mountains, which give birth to perennial rivers, etc are the phenomena which keep happening naturally. Leaves fall from the trees on the ground and they make fertilizers, vitalize the soil itself, animal wastes also vitalize the soil and make it fertile and the crop grown in the soil is again used as fodder for the same animals. In fact all the components of this universe are helping each other in their existence.

Unfortunately, humans who are the wisest among all others, are not able to recognize their duties and are not discharging their duties well and hence he is crossing his limits. These way humans are themselves causing their own destruction.

Right thinking:

The one who want to live in this world pleasure and wants to give pleasure to his own brothers and sisters, who are all out to make this planet like a paradise, wants to make everyone free from all kinds of pains, he will have to be cautious at this stage of relations. The relation between human and the nature, his relation with other living beings, and at the end his relation with the almighty, has to be recognized well.
            Without understanding this relation, humans may make jet planes, can send satellites in the space to do research on stars and planets can create a global village, can use his Technology to measure the depth of the earth and the oceans, can build bridges in the oceans, can transplant human organs, and can successfully conduct operation of sensitive brain, but cannot attain pleasure.

            Now it has become very important for people to recognize their relations with the nature and mend the relation if there is any flaw. Besides it is also important to identify The mutual emotional relations as in its absence, we become very selfish and want to use everything available in the world for our own sake. Without taking care of others, without paying respect to others, how can we be happy? It is the law of nature that we get only that Which we give others.

Rise above greed and envy:

Everything in the world has a value.There is also a value to human life. It is the right kind of feeling, respect, trust, affection, dedication, pride, gratefulness, etc. If you have such emotional quotients, you are a human in true sense otherwise you nothing more than a mass of flesh. If you are influenced by selfishness, you cannot be happy to see others happy. But where ever you work for others, it is the human values that inspire you. Second factor is that whether your relations are based on enlightenment or it lacks in your relations. It can be judged by recognizing whether it has greed, envy etc in your relations or not. When these factors come to influence you, a decline in your relations begins, though it is better to have right evaluation, however, where there is a relationship, you have to be very careful to ensure it could not affect your relations. By rising above these demerits, you can start a relation based on love and affection.

Anurakto gunan brute virakto dushanani cha I
Madhyasthaya namastasmai vibhako gunadoshayoh II

        Arrogance makes you feel that you are different from others and even if you consider someone your own, want to dissolve in it completely. Where ever people are seen in groups, there are three kinds of possibilities, ward, crowd and the society. Where conflicting people Gather, there starts war and here the people want to destroy their adversaries. Here arrogance and selfishness are at their zenith. They increase enmity.

 Sensible behavior:

The group of other types of people is of such kind that neither cooperates with each other nor they do cooperate. They are basically aloof to each other. The gathering of such people is called crowd. The specialty of third kind of people is the cooperative mindset. All are connected with the thread of love and affection. The group of such people is called society.

Here it is important to understand that elements like love, affection, respect, etc are found in every relation. Yes, it is also important to note that in a healthy relation, any kind of behavior will not make you feel bad. Hence, a cooperative life is led in a relation. Where There are two or more people living together it is better to conclude that no relation exists between them.

            It can be understood in a different way. If you make a relation the means of self-assessment instead of self gratification, it will help in your inner development in a great Way. You can be an enlightened person in a true sense. Hence a true scholar can understand his acts which are guided by arrogance. It can be understood that when and Where anger, greed, desire, lust, envy, bad feelings are taking birth. A lone person can consider himself anything but reality can be known through his behavior. Hence our Relations make us feel about our own behavior, to know about ourselves. It also makes us to know what a kind of people we are.

            You cannot be pure without understanding divinity in your relations. For the sake of purity, make make one pure, it is important to go deep into your own soul. From here onward, the ray of co-existence appears.


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