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Cholesterol : Balanced diet, Yogasan and Medicines are the remedies

Cholesterol : Balanced diet, Yogasan and Medicines are the remedies
Cholesterol : Balanced diet, Yogasan and Medicines are the remediesYou may not be aware that the strong medicines, which are used in many parts of the world to control Cholesterol, have severe and disastrous side effects, which cause unbearable pain in the muscles. Some other medicines, no doubt control Cholesterol but increase blood sugar and uric acid. Some other medicines cause stone in the gallbladder. Medication may lower the Cholesterol level but alike high blood pressure, Cholesterol level calmly readies to attack again. Most of the people come to know only when blood pressure is performed on them, thus gulping such medicines is unhealthy in fact.

Cholesterol : Balanced diet, Yogasan and Medicines are the remedies
Cholesterol : Balanced diet, Yogasan and Medicines are the remediesTo keep Cholesterol in control, follow dietary and habitual rules in the daily routine. Bring some simple changes in the daily routine, like wake-up in the morning in wee hours, face morning sun rays and follow dietary rules. Also be careful of the same nature and opposite diets. If you follow daily routine, night routine, seasonal routine and other dietary rules, described in Ayurveda, unusual increase in the Cholesterol could be controlled effectively.

Now-a-days, some people take strong medicines to control Cholesterol, ignorant of the severe side effects. These medicines could cause disorders related to muscles,liver, gall bladder and may cause stone formation etc. Most of the Cholesterol is produced in liver and rest the body receives from the food intake. Thus, it is important to reduce Cholesterol in food intake. Control saturated fat in the routine food and avoid meat, ghee and butter. Also limit trans-fat means, edibles available in market.

Cholesterol : Balanced diet, Yogasan and Medicines are the remediesControl deep fried fast food, which is also a source of Cholesterol. In the regular diet, increase fibrous edibles like gourd, ridge gourd, spinach, fenugreek, bitter gourd and carrot. If you are overweight, control it. If you keep proper balance of calorie, fat, carbohydrate and protein, in some days you will observe the benefits of the balanced diet. Ghee, butter and other dairy products, biscuits, pastry and cookies are high sources of saturated fats, which should be limited in the diet chart. It is better for the health.

In the morning breakfast, try different fruits, vegetables and oatmeal. Bran containing flour is being advised by all the doctors as its sponge effect absorbs cholesterol and helps to digestive system. Even
the breakfast could contain bran flour rote.

Regular diet quantity:
Cholesterol : Balanced diet, Yogasan and Medicines are the remediesCholesterol : Balanced diet, Yogasan and Medicines are the remedies

Though, everybody needs stomach full meal but it is advised to eat one rote less that hunger. While consuming food, the nature of the person is also important. This helps in disorder treatment. The person should know what type of food is easily digestible. If he feels problem in digesting stodgy, heavy food or sweets better to avoid them as if your stomach fire is dim, it could cause any stomach related disease.

• Eat according to your physical capacity. If your body is healthy, the food intake will be digestible and if the person is weak, it will be hard to digest. Young ones could digest stodgy, heavy food items but elders or old persons would be able to digest light food. Though, it depends on the stomach fire as described in Ayurveda.

• But in any condition, a person should take adequate food, which generates adequate energy.

• A human being needs energy, which is regularly spent in every human activity. Even the eye blinking needs energy. To supplement the spent energy, a human being should have good, fresh and
digestible food.

Yogasan also controls Cholesterol

With change in regular diet chart, also perform any exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. If you are not doing exercise regularly, increase physical activities like use steps in place of lift or walk down to the market. Walking or exercising decrease harmful Cholesterol and on the contrary, increases good Cholesterol. 

Yoga is the named enemy of harmful Cholesterol. It eliminates bad Cholesterol. If your decision is firm and you believe in yoga, it will give multi-dimensional benefits But its regular practice is necessary. 
Cholesterol : Balanced diet, Yogasan and Medicines are the remedies
• Sarvangasan, Uttanpadasan reduce constipation, gastric trouble and obesity. It increases appetite and reduces harmful Cholesterol in the body.
• Pawanmuktasan reduces stomach fat and helps in treating acidity, heart disease, arthritis and stomach ailments.
• Deergh Naukasan gives strength to heart and burns Cholesterol. Shashakasan also gives the same benefits to the body.
• Vakrasan decreases waist’s fat. 
• Dwichakrasan also reduces obesity and burns harmful Cholesterol. Ardha Halasan, Pad Vrittasan also give same affects and burn unnecessary fat and reduces harmful Cholesterol. 
• Bhastrika Pranayam balances `tridosha`. It purifies blood and expels toxic elements from the body. Thus, the harmful Cholesterol level is always controlled.
• Kapalbhati Pranayam treats all the ailments related to heart, brain and lungs. It also stops formation of unnecessary fat in the liver. Abdominal disorders are also treated.
• Anulom-Vilom or Nadishodhan Pranayam refines 72 crores, 72 lakhs 10 thousand 210 veins in the body. Cholesterol, tri-glycerin, HDL or LDL disorders are controlled. For better results, practice this exercise 5-10 minutes regularly. Besides Patanjali Ayurveda manufactured medicines for controlling Cholesterol are also effective and much beneficial.


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