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Mother is the foundation of all round development of humanity

Mother is the foundation of all round development of humanity
Mother is the foundation of all round development of humanity
Every living being that is born in this world comes with a special kind of seed but 90 percent of them are those whose seeds are not broken easily and it goes waste and they spend their life at the top of the power after which depart from this world. Their level is superficial level and they are counted among third grade category. Rest are such people whose seeds are broken, it germinates, but it fails to fully develop. They are disturbed and ruined by obstacles. They are of the second class category. But such living beings are rarest of rare who get the opportunity to bloom as flowers and develop into a fruit.

Nothing of them is kept hidden; the seed they had come with, it attains its absolute development phase, and spread their fragrance. It is hardly of significance that whether it bloomed as rose or merry gold. Even the flowers of fully developed grass have also a pleasant fragrance. Such fully developed persons develop finally as great men and women. It is also to be kept in mind that for full development one needs congenial environment which can be made possible through fertilizers, seeds, water, air and sun light.

In right kind of a human’s development his mother play’s a vital role:

Matrinam pitrinam acharyavaan purusho veda

All the sages and deities are on one side and o my mother, you are on the other side. This has been conceded by all the great men and women, sages, etc. From hundreds of authentic scriptures, it can be said the same. There is a famous cliché that

Son has the properties of his mother, a horse has the same that of
His father, if not in abundance, it is possible a bit.

Mother is the foundation of all round development of humanityIt means, humans have more resemblance with their mothers and a horse which is an animal, has resemblance with his father. It is a reality. A mother keeps her baby in her uterus for nine months, sacrifices her blood and flesh to nourish her baby, the takes all sorts of pains, she bears all difficulties but considers her hardship as the blessings of the almighty. She takes care of everything to ensure that her baby is not harmed. Thereafter, the pain she bears at the time of the baby‘s birth is not possible to describe. There after she takes all sorts of pains, does everything to protect her baby and finally feeds from breast for the baby nourishment. She is no less than the almighty for her baby She does all this with full. Of joy. She never feels that her job is confined to feed the baby from her breasts why should she
clean the waste and the urine of the baby. A mother’s position is greater than that of a father and the almighty. It is only due to her sacrifice, dedication, devotion in nourishing her baby. You cannot not realise a mother’s true form from her physical appearance. It can be possible if you are able to look into her heart. Once here in Noorgarh, someone asked from Swami ji- O Babaji ! This world is going on the path of destruction, better you do something to save it. Swami replied – O brother! It can only be possible when I will take new birth as a mother. It means, only mothers can ensure a better world, only she can make it.

            Once, two disciples of Mahatma Buddha Sariputra and Modgalayan said- Maharaj! This body needs some changes, on this Mahatma ji ordered for the change and departed from there. After some time the two departed from this world and their ashes were filled in pots and brought to monastery. Mahatma ji asked- what is there in these pots. Monks said that there are ashes of some sages.

            Others said that there are ashes of two monks in the pots. Mahatma ji said that both were wrong. They finally asked- O mahatma ji, now you say. Then he proceeded- Mother is in the pots. I have already described that a mother means the power which builds a human. Mata nirmata Bhawati.

            It makes clear another better example. In ancient time, a woman’s power and awareness were focused on physical activities, exercises, penance, spiritualism, celibacy, mother Seeta made her children Lav and Kush learn whole of the Ramayana while singing lullaby to send them to sleep. Mother Madalsa , the same way taught purity, wisdom, etc. Mother Kaushalya too fi lled the heart of Lord Ram with great human qualities like patience
and tolerance, the same way.

            Mother Anjana practiced celibacy in the forest for 12 years so these qualities also came in Lord Hanuman. Even in modern world, the mothers have more inclination towards science which is why they sing 1, 2, 3, a, b, c, d in her lullaby. She since beginning trains her kid to become an engineer or scientist since the childhood of her baby.

            Come an engineer or scientist since the childhood of her baby.

            In the tenth Mandal of Rigved- Vagambhrini- there is a mantra- Yam kamaye tantamugram krinomi I  Tam Brahmanism tarnish tam someday II It means, those whom I wanted to help rise high, make the mind that much sharp. She develops her mater of great mind. In fact in a mother’s resolve, there is a balance of spiritualism and materialism.

            She is capable in reckoning the seeds of her child. She knows how to ensure its utmost development. Some mothers say that their children do not listen to them, don’t serve them, and don’t abide by their words. Then my answer is that good behavior and good habits are to be inculcated in the children at the very early age of their children.

            The most conducive time is between 10 years of age from the time of birth. The habits which will be inculcated in the child will be the most effective for life long. Those who want to develop their children very capable and cultured them have to inculcate good habits in their children. However, there are some other types of mothers who want all good qualities in their children but don’t want to make any effort for this.

            I would suggest all well-wishers of a child that they have to work hard for making their children successful spiritually and intellectually as well as materially. Good habits like compassion, love affections, truth, honesty, patience, self-confidence, good behavior, inclination towards studies, faith in justice, humanitarian qualities, etc are to be induced with great efforts in the children that too in early age

For this they can themselves become a sage as it is the best way to provide a good environment to your children to grow. It is a fact that a tree will grow, bloom and give fruits when it is irrigated well. Materialism is the wind which can root out the tree, can make it hollow from inside. You should also make your children so strong like a mountain that so that they could remain unaffected from the wind of materialism.
Mother is that who fills us with nectar from inside. It is like our mothers like our own mothers, mother  Ganga, Mother Nature, Mother India, for politicians the people are like their mother. A mother is in herself as great that she is like almighty for us. And when she gets the guidance of an able mentor then the moment is great, the day is great. A mother’s good habits can build great characters. There is no doubt in it.

Therefore, if we have to uplift the humanity, the nation, have to build great men and women, if we have to strengthen the mothers spiritually, intellectually, economically, physically, we will have to strengthen these qualities because a mother with good qualities can build best quality children


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