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It is right time to celebrate global success of indigenous

It is right time to celebrate global success of indigenous
It has become a cliché that Patanjali’s noodles contain insects. It is quite natural because this product of Patanjali has proved to be the best among all other brands. It is fresh and good for health. It is hundred percent true. Patanjali Yogpeeth and its mentors like Swami Ramdev ji and Acharya Balkrishna ji have passed all tests, have successfully exposed all bids of their rivals to malign their image.

It is right time to celebrate global success of indigenous            The main reason behind this liveliness is the motto to serve and crores of the people and the country. Who can shake the feet which have stepped out with 100 percent purity of intentions to serve the people? But what to say about maligned intentions of some wicked people and organizations.

It happened a little bit in the past. A queen of some foreign country organized an exhibition of crabs at her palace. Crabs from across the world kept in glass pots were brought in the palace. All the pots were carefully covered. 

On seeing them the queen was very happy. All of a sudden her eyes stopped at a comparatively small post in which dangerous looking crabs were kept. She also observed that the cap of the pot was not present at the top of the pot. Fearing something wrong, she immediately left the hall and came out. She was very angry.

It is right time to celebrate global success of indigenousThe person who was in charge of the event was summoned. He humbly said that these dangerous looking crabs were brought from India, the country which has fell from its Glorious position of Vishwaguru, the mentor of the world. He also said that these crabs travelled thousands of km long distance to be brought there. There is no chance of their Coming out of the pot. He further said that even if any of them will try to come out of the pot, rest of all will pull him down again in the pot. In fact, these crabs from India have a tendency to not to  tolerated the progress of others. They are envious and cannot allow any of them to prosper. Theirenmity from each other is known across the world. They are always ready to conspire against each other, to obstruct the path of their own progress, only due to their atred for each other. Envy is the identity of today’s Indians of modern days.

Patanjali and Baba Ramdev are faced with similar kind of problems. Despite having studied at a small Gurukul, traditional school of sages, Baba Ramdev has accomplished Unforeseen success in his life. He has surprised not only common people but also the big corporate houses and most successful entrepreneurs from across the world. This sage on his own started manufacturing Chyawanprash on the basis of the formula suggested by our great ancient sages and the way he started a business aimed at providing pure and authentic products to masses at affordable price is amazing. The kind of empire he has established is no less than the success of Bill Gates. In my personal opinion he is hundred times greater than the most successful any other person of the world because he has successfully countered the tricks, conspiracy, greed, deception, attractive but false claims made in their advertisements. He countered all this on the basis of his strong will power and the power of Swadeshi or indigenous. Behind this there lies his strong dedication for Swadeshi, pride to the motherland, pride for being an Indian, and he is moving ahead successfully.

It is right time to celebrate global success of indigenous
The most amazing thing is that once, Swadeshi was viewed as a ridiculous idea, but Swamiji’s motive to serve the people, purity of his products, quality of his household products, his indigenous formula to manufacture these products, etc have set up a big market for wadeshi products. Big businessmen of the country and the world are surprised at the success story of Swamiji. Once starting a business venture was viewed as the world’s most difficult thing. But Swamiji presented a very simple method of doing business which have encouraged many countrymen to successfully run a business. Nobody can ignore the success of Patanjali Ayurveda and its research based medicines. The success of Patanjali’s dispensaries is no doubt extraordinary.

Swami Ramdev ji has undoubtedly played a crucial role in establishing the science of Indian Yoga at global level and due to his efforts the world has recognized it by observing International Yoga Day across the world. Unfortunately, many forces are engaged in maligning his image, denying his contribution and raising question on his patriotism, dedication to the people and the country.

            It is like spitting in the sky. Actually masses are already with Babaji and had the support of all types of intellectuals been behind Babaji, it would have helped in economic prosperity of the country and pride of the nation would have further grown across the world.

Moreover, the time has gone to suspect on his business empire which has acquired a huge size. It will be pertinent to say that many of my highly educated relatives and friends, who would earlier use the products of MNCs, now have started using Patanjali products in their daily life. Since it is a holy work therefore failure of Patanjali is out of question and it is clear from the success Baba ji and Patanjali. Their natural and indigenous products are becoming highly popular among masses and this popularity is growing exponentially. This popularity among the people is no less than a Nobel Prize for Swami Ramdev ji.

Now the time has come to get rid of our centuries old slave like mentality and remote indigenous with open mind praise and globally celebrate the success of Patanjali products. If it could happen, no doubt the talents of rural India, which have been unrecognized and uncelebrated so far, would dare to make new history for the country and the humanity. It will be called the preparation of a massive indigenous movement.


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