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Take benefits of Rasayan Chikitsa in Winter according to your age

Take benefi ts of Rasayan Chikitsa in Winter according to your age

Ayurvedic Rasayan Chikitsa, described in Ayurveda, is the best treatment to counter the wastage of Dhatu from our body and age related fatigue. It greatly helps in maintaining the process of metabolism, increase the cells of Dhatu or sperm, and gives a new energy and a new vitality. With use of this treatment, bones are flexible, smooth and strong. It also helps to maintain mental balance, protects our body from the diseases of old age. It also improves the  functioning of ear and eyes. It also brings glow on face, skin complexion is also maintained. Therefore Rasayan Chikitsa is important for everyone.

Moreover,Rasayan Chikitsa also keeps old age related diseases away. But before turning old, when the metabolic system is in good condition, this treatment should be started. Hence, it will be better to start Rasayan Chikitsa, either in young age or in middle age.
Ayurveda experts use it to remove waste materials out of the body to make it free from toxicants. Without it, better results of treatment is not possible. Success of Rasayan Chikitsa depends upon a person’s healthy thought process and healthy conduct. 

Experts have advised its various formulas on the basis of a person’s age.

Initial stage of life:

A human’s body constantly grows up to the age 20. During this phase the tissue cells grow exponentially. The enzymes present in these cells enhance fast nutrition process. In this period, such favourable environment is found in the body which allow the growth of the cells And ensure fast body growth. This is the reason it is advised to take as much nutritious food as possible in this phase of life. Taking dry fruits, fruits, cow milk, ghee, etc automatically keep our body and mind healthy.

Age between 20-40:

In this phase of life, the number of tissue cells continues to grow, but this growth is not as fast and wide as that of previous phase. It is a fact that in the first phase of life there is no responsibility on a person, but by the age of 22-24, a person becomes ambitious seeing his friends prospering in life, due to it, creative instincts begin to grow in him. This leads to mental stress as he starts exploring for new things. Finally, the life becomes stressful. A person has to take care of himself and his wife and children. This second phase of Life is that phase in which a person has sexual pleasure. In this stage, it is the high time, when a person has to use his all energy to accomplish everything in life, to fill the life with Pleasure, and give a shape to his responsibilities.

Rasayan Chikitsa is very crucial in this stage of life so that one can control his aspirations and enthusiasm, to be restrained, so that proper mental and intellectual growth could be possible. This treatment happens to be very useful.

Age group between 40-60

In this age group a person is quite healthy but physical growth becomes stagnant. Good health is possible only when proper diet is taken. It is also important to ward off mental stress. In this stage of life, normally, a human’s mind is divided into various kind of ideas and fields. Therefore, if there is no stability in mental activities, the problem of sleeplessness strikes the person. In this stage, it is important to be careful with regard to food habits and sexual activities. Otherwise, the physical capabilities will start to decline and the signs of old age will become apparent on his face. Such signs can be experienced in the form of wrinkles of skin, baldness, grey hair, etc. It is also important to protect your body from adverse impacts of seasons to ward off diseases. In this stage of life, your appetite as well as digestive power start to decline, therefore, it is important to take while keeping this fact in mind. It is also an important sign of this age group that fat starts to collect around abdomen and hips, which make you, look bulky. This is a sign of weak digestive system and slowing metabolic process. Hence the energy from his food that he was getting earlier will also decline.

Physical weakness:

After sixty years of age, the physical strength starts to shrink. Metabolic process also slows down, collection of waste materials grows in the body, and even most nutritious food is not able to increase your energy level. Many types of changes start to be apparent in bones. Collection of calcium more than requirement in the body, which is also called calcification, Joints start to become rough due to drying synovial membrane and they become less flexible. This is the reason why joints don’t work well in this stage of life. In this age osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatism, etc strike us, nervous system also start to become slow, hearing power too can become weak, flexibility of body arteries and their flexibility becomes weak. Moreover, vital body organs like liver, kidneys, heart will also become weak, due to which problems like high blood pressure, growth in prostate gland, sleeplessness are the problems which strike in this age group. Functioning of Pancreas also become weak and you can be caught by diabetes, unfortunately, if you meet with bone fracture, it will cure will great difficulty. Eye lens becomes opaque, teeth too become weak, and this stage is difficult for both the mental and physical abilities.

Take benefi ts of Rasayan Chikitsa in Winter according to your age

Rasayan Ausadhi:

For Rasayan Chikitsa, many types of medicines have been suggested among them are Amla, Bahera, Harad, Giloy, Brahmi, Punarnavya, Mandukparni, Mulhathi, Shankhpushpi, Vaywiding and the herbs of Ashtavarga life saving herbs, which are very important from this point of view. Besides them some minerals like pure Shilajeet, Swarna Bhasma, etc are used for Rasayan Chiktisa. The way of the use of these medicines, timing, their quantity, etc are different for different situations. Therefore, experienced experts are to be consulted for this.

Th ere are some other blend of medicines which are prepared by mixing various kinds of useful herbs. For example chyavanprash, Amalki Rasayan, Brahmi Rasayan. Among them, Chyavanprash is very useful and most popular.

It is believed that use of Rasayan Chikitsa cannot be effective unless your mind and soul

is pure. Experiments of yoggram are very important in this way. You should avoid taking
Basic or acidic food, oily food, contaminated food, Kodrava, paneer, curd, fatty food, alcohol And take the benefits of Rasayan Chikitsa and go beyond your age, be young, it is an effort of ours in this direction. Your are also requested to be a part of it.


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