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Ashok cures fever, blood related problems, leucorrhoea - Uses

Ashok cures fever, blood related problems, leucorrhoea - Uses

Ashok cures fever, 

blood related problems, leucorrhoea. 

According to science of Ayurveda, a medicine has to induce a sense of confidence in a patient that he will get rid of the disease. 

Actually the body is directly connected to our nature therefore a disease is born out when there is an imbalance in the nature around us. In such a condition, a medicine has to be found out from the nature itself. On the contrary, if we use unnatural chemicals as medicine, then it may not show its adverse impact immediately but in long future, its wrong impact is bound to appear.

For eternal wellness, it is necessary that medicines for physical and mental diseases should be found from natural sources. To stop atrocities being committed on our body, the greatest blessing of almighty, in the name of treatment of diseases, Patanjali has conducted an intense research on herbs for treatment of diseases and has also suggested medicines and their quantities for various diseases. 

On the basis of the conclusion of these researches we present these series of articles under headline- health in herbal medicines. Your relatives can read and apply these methods in detail to get a healthy and happy life. Here in this issue, we present you information regarding herbal properties of Ashoka plant.

In ancient time, people for pleasant life and also to keep away displeasure,would set up Ashok garden around their residences and for this reason its plant was named Vishok, Apshok, etc. Ashok flower is one of the five flowers of Pushpa Dhanva's (Kaamdev) floural arrow.
This plant is normally found in Himalayan region, western peninsular region up to the height of 750 meter in the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Karnataka and Maharashtra's evergreen forests. Ashok plant is a gem among Indian herbs. Its best and amazing properties have been described in a great way since ancient time. In ancient time, people for pleasant life and also to keep away displeasure, would set up Ashok garden around their residences and for this reason its plant was named Vishok, Apshok, etc. Ashok flower is one of the five flowers of Pushpa Dhanva's (Kaamdev) floural arrow.

Uses benefits of Ashok Ayurved

This plant is normally found in Himalayan region, western peninsular region up to the height of 750 meter in the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Karnataka and Maharashtra's evergreen forests. Among many species of this plant, one two of them are useful for treatment of diseases. Ashok or Saraca AsocaRoxb. Wild is normally 9 meter high, of medium size, beautiful and evergreen plant. This tree's branches are spread wide, its bark is deep brown in colour, and as medicine its bark is mainly used for treatment of diseases.

Its leaves are 5-25 cm long and tipped. Initially the leaves are whitish red and later they turn deep green. On the sides of the leaves, a bit wave like shape are found. Its flowers are of 7.5-10 cm diameter and colour is yellowish, orange and deep red. They are narrow on both ends. Its seeds are 3-8 cm long with 2.5-3.7 cm width. Its plant produces white milk which turn red soon after drying which is also known as Ashok gum. Flowers bloom in its trees in March and April and fruits are born between August and October.

Chemical composition- Its leaves and Kand contain Emirine, B-Citosterol, curvsetin,
katechol, pometic, etc. Its flower contains asteric acid, apeginnine, galic acid, etc. Like Ashok, we also have fake Ashok plants. Its leaves contain a-amrine, B-amrine, polylogine,
campesterol, B-Citesterol, etc are found. It Kandtwak contains a new proanthocinedine and other chemicals are found.

Ayurvedic properties: Ashok is light, rough, styptic and cool in nature. It is good for
health, strengthens blood, cures pain, provides glaze to your skin, cures fractured bones, fragrant, cures Tridosh, destroys worms, swelling, stomach problems, toxication, blood related problems, uterus related problems, joint pains, fever, indigestion, etc. It is used in the problems like Kashtartav, Raktapitt, Ashmari, Mootrakachh, etc. Its bark is acrid in taste, cures fever and intestine related problems. It also cures fatigue and piles. Besides, it is also effective in enlarged stomach, stomach bleeding and bleeding during
pregnancy. It also cures Blood blennelytria.

Ashok seeds are diuretic, they also cure diarrhea with bleeding. Its trunk is bitter, it is shaityakarak, Stambhak, cures effect of poison, destroys worms, gives sweet effect. It cures piles, sore, fatigue due to excess of labour, indigestion, etc. While on the other hand, fake Ashok is bitter, hot, light, rough, etc. It cures gonorrhea and fever and destroys worms. It also cures leprosy. It is very useful in Aamdosh, fever, gonorrhea, vibandh, and it also kills worms. Its ethanol extract when used on rats or mouse shows properties to cure ulcer.

Methods and medicinal uses of Ashok tree

uses of Ashok:

Chest related problems: 
1. Breathing: Take 65 gm Ashok seeds and administer it with betel leaves to the patient. It is very effective in chest and breathing related problems.
Stomach problems:
1. Vomiting: Make past of Ashok flower in water and apply on nipples and if a kid is breast
fed through the nipples, the baby's vomiting will stop.
2. Diarrhea: Take 3-4 gm of Ashok flowers and make its paste in water. If this paste is
administered to the patient, his or her diarrhea will be cured.
Anal problems:
1. Bleeding piles: Make tea of Ashok bark and administer to the patient 15-25gm. It will
cure bleeding piles.
2. Take 10 gm of Ashok bark and its flowers in equal quantities and leave it to be soaked in a glass full water. In the morning filter the water and take it. Similarly, take morning water in the evening. It is very effective in bleeding piles.
Kidney related problems:
1. Stone: Take 1-2 gm of Ashok seeds and make its paste in water. Taking two spoons of it
can help cure the problem.
Pregnancy related problems:
1. Leucorrhoea: Take Ashok bark powder and crystal sugar in equal quantities and take 3
gm of it with cow milk in the morning and in the evening.
2. 15-25 ml Ashok bark tea added with milk if taken in the morning and evening, it is very
effective in white leucorrhoea and bleeding leucorrhoea.
3. Take 3 gm Ashok bark and make its paste in the water used for washing rice. Then
filter its juice and add 1 gm Rasaut, 1 spoon honey and administer it to the patient
both ends. It is very effective in the problem. Besides, add alum in Ashok bark tea and use it for cleaning vagina.
4. Take 2-3 gm Ashok flowers and make its paste in water.
Administer it to the patient.
It is very effective in bleeding leucorrhoea.
5. Mental problems:
Administering 20-30 ml of Ashok bark to the patient in one dose is very effective in
mental problems.
6. Emission in night while sleeping: Take 20 gm of Ashok bark and crush it properly and
boil it in 250 ml water. When just 30 ml is left, add 6 gm honey and take it both ends.
7. Laxity of vagina: Take Ashok bark, Acacia (Babool) bark, Sycamore bark, Gallnut and
alum in equal quantities and crush them in equal quantities. 50 gm of this powder has to
be boiled in 400 gm of water and make its 100 gm tea. After filtering it, use the tea for
washing the vagina. It will be very effective.
8. Take 6-12 gm Ashok ghrit and take it with lukewarm milk or water. It will cure all kinds
of leucorrhoea, Kukshishool, Katishool, pain in vagina, problem in digestion, lack of
appetite, jaundice, cough and respiratory problems. It also increases your strength, skin
complexion and age.
9. 20-25 ml Ashokarishth, if taken everyday after meal, it will cure bleeding leucorrhoea,
fever, raktapitt, bleeding piles, problem in digestion, lack of appetite. swelling, etc.
Bone joint related problems:
1. Bone crack: Take 6 gm Ashok bark powder and take it twice a day with milk and applying its paste on the affected area is very effective.
2. Vaatvyadhi: In this problem, use of Ashokghrit for the snehvirechan purpose is very
Skin problem:
1. Make paste of mustard with extract of Ashok bark and let it to be dried in the sun light.
When every you like, apply it on the skin. It will enhance skin complexion.
2. Pimples: Boil Ashok bark and when the water is very concentrated, let it to be cool.
Add equal quantity of mustard oil in it. Apply regularly on pimples, sore and other such
problems. Its regular use is very useful.
3. Sore: Take ghee, Priyangu, Ashok Rohini, Triphala, Dhataki, Lodhra and Sarjras in
equal quantities and make its fine powder and sprinkle on the sore. The problem will be
All body diseases:
1. To enhance brain's capacity: Mix Ashok bark powder and Brahmi powder in equal
quantities take one spoon both ends with one cup of milk regularly for some months. It will enhance capacity of brain.
2. Sarvaghau pain: Make Ashok tea and take its 10-20 ml. It can cure pain. In fact, Ashok is
such a medicine, which cures mental and physical problems and always keep you fresh and


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