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Pure authentic Ayurvedic products must for every woman, family

Every human being needs health, beauty, power (strength), prosperity and peace without which, the life is incomplete. But all these could be attained with the help of yoga only. For the entire universe accepting yoga, we will have to make the nation as yoga-loving. Everybody will have to get associated with yoga and should have to perform yoga exercises. Th e campaign could be started with 2-5 minutes of pranayam. Today, every MP, MLA, IAS, IPS, CM and PM, everybody performs yoga. Even many new followers of yoga have developed, which is favourable for the nation also. Remember, Yoga is important in every aspect of the life. Like, the problem of hair loss begins, when the hair cells do not get adequate oxygen. When the eye cells do not get adequate oxygen, glaucoma is developed. When the skin cells do not get adequate oxygen, it causes skin disorders. Yoga develops a system to supply oxygen to them. I am giving an example of herbal products, which are full of health benefits. Take aloe vera and aolajuice, which bring glow to the body skin.

From the word glory, I mean natural beauty means whatever is your colour, will get more clarity. Many fi rms claim that their cream makes you fair but it is false claim. Nobody could become fairer
and becoming fair is not the beauty. In fact, a human being needs to be naturally beautiful. A person needs to bring glory in any colour, his/her mother has given birth. In fact, the daughters, who perform yoga look much beautiful due to natural beauty.

It is my experience that the natural fairness comes from yoga. Drink aloe vera juice, apply aloe vera gel and definitely, within 7 days, you will experience great change. Not only this, pranayam is proving much effective in this context. Take example of Kapalbhati, which treats problems like health, power, anemia, lack of calcium, iron, vitamin deficiency etc. It has a complete mechanism.

99% of the mothers, sisters have problem of uterus aft er 45 years of age. The daughters have problem from the age of 9, when the period starts, which continue till their entire life-cycle. Thus, girls should be asked to start pranayam from the age of 2 years so that there would be no problem in uterus. There will be no hormone imbalance. The periods will start between 10-12 years and will be regulated. Many times, they start and stop but Kapalbhati, Anulom-vilom, Pranayam resolve the problems of painful periods, leucorrhea and excessive bleeding.

When the periods stop, water is filled in the breasts, tumours develop in the breasts and for many, it converts in breast cancer. Problem develops in uterus, with hormonal imbalance. With the practice of Pranayam, all these problems could be happily resolved in one month.

I have undergone medical reports of thousands of sisters and asked them to perform pranayam for half-an-hour. The problem of uterus was resolved in one month, the trouble of cholecystic ovarian resolved in 6 months. One sister, who was airhostess by profession told me that she had thyroid problem 10 years ago but Pranayam cured it. She said that she has developed beautiful and healthy with the practice of yoga. When, I was travelling to America, one sister met me and told – She receives gap of 9-9 months in the period. I was told the problem of polycystic ovarian problem but Pranayam cured it. With the practice of Pranayam, I became mother, with total hormone balance.

Our little daughters do not have much information about the bodily complications and hence, it is necessary to inform them. Educate them that the health of your ovary should be good, which is possible only with Kapalbhati. This also treats polycystic ovarian problem, closure of caesarean tube etc.

Many sisters have problem of under or over development of breasts, which could be treated properly with bhastrika, kapalbhati, anulom vilom pranayam and surya namaskar. This is the experience of thousands of sisters. These problems are well treated by Shatawar powder (churna). The sisters have different bodily problems but if they take 2 grams of shatawar daily, their breasts get adequate milk.

The male members of the family bring lot of garbage in the name of power enhancers, but sisters should not allow them to do so. We prepare safed musli, ashwagandha, shatawar, yauvanamrit, safed musli pak for this purpose. Head should have complete hair; face brightening with glory, bright colour, bulging chest, shrunk stomach and waist should be so thin that could be gripped with the help of both the hands. All this is possible with yoga and pranayam. Likewise, the problem of thyroid is revolved with kapalbhati, ujjai, simhasan, greevasan or is considerably reduced. The medicines could be stopped. High blood pressure, stress, hemoglobin deficiency, hair loss etc could be treated with yoga. Also drink aloevera, aolajuice, which treats joint pain, acidity problem and bones and skin related troubles. Those, who have joint pains, should not drink aola juice and if a sister experiences pain, during period, she should not perform kapalbhati. Kapalbhati and other external pranayams should not be performed during periods.They should not be practiced during pregnancy also. Yes, anulom-vilom and bhastrika are permissible.

Today mothers and sisters spend thousands of rupees in facial but if you apply aloe vera, the skin will get natural beauty and shinning. Aloe vera gel keeps you as beautiful, as you were soon after your birth. Pimples, blackness and other related problems are resolved. 

The sisters facing problem of platelet deficiency should take giloyvati. The sisters facing migraine pain should perform anulom-vilom and pour `badam rogan` oil in nostrils, which is best for the brain. When drunk, after mixing with milk, it energizes brain. In gastric trouble or constipation, aola or aloevera is beneficial. For the snoring at night, perform ujjayani pranayam.

Please note down some more important points. Try, not to bring fine flour made food at home. Bring sugar at home, when it is utmost needed. Don’t bring refined oil at home as it is bring prepared with hoxine solid process, which is the by-product of diesel and petrol. The sisters should also use Keshkanti and not any oil, falsely promoted as prepared of minerals. People, who keep dry hair, should apply aloevera gel to shampoo hair. Afterwards, they should wash hair with aloe vera gel so that its shinning and conditioning is maintained properly.

It is a saying that when there is no cream in the milk or no lubricity in oil, they are useless. If the oil does not have lubricity, it has chemicals. Use mustard oil at home as refined oil has cancerous elements. These refined oils are prepared of solate process. Sunflower, soyabeen oil could not be extracted from vaccine process. Today 99% oils are refined oils and we are literate fools. We claim that we eat refined oil, which is cholesterol free but remember that it contains transfide, which is much more hazardous than cholesterol and gets deposit in the intestines. In fact, refined oil is the worst oil. Use oil of `kacchidhani`, which is little costly but good for health.

Now what is the meaning, if we take ghee and oil cheap, means spend 100 rupees for food and Rs 200 on medicines. Here, we provide every item including edibles like flour, salt, rice at cheaper rates. We have placed just 2% profit on pulses, means we have keptal the edibles much cheaper. Patanjali flour, which is light brownish is pure, high fiber and much cheaper than the cost.

Also don’t purchase shampoos and soaps with chemicals as Patanjali provides natural shampoos and soaps. In fact, all the products being supplied by Patanjali are pure. Means that save yourself from
the wastage of money and health and spend your saving in the interest of the country. Likewise, also take dishwash, washing powder of Patanjali, so that you and your family remain healthy. Drop by drop, the prosperity will increase. The nation progresses at fast pace, should be the ultimate aim and objective of every citizen, Patanjali also has the same objective. 


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