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Etreal truth of Baba Ramdev

Etreal truth of Baba Ramdev

Etreal truth of Baba RamdevEvery theist and patriot Indian, irrespective of his or her religious faith, community
or ideology, must pledge the three things:
1. Pledge to practice yoga everyday.
2. Pledge to use only indigenous things in day to day life.
3. Feeling the presence of the almighty in oneself and in all others, pledge to serve all
    with devotion and dedication.

Yoga: Vedic Arya Hindus are the origin of Indian culture. It is the yoga which is the origin of disease-free, addiction-free, medicine-free and tension free life. It is the yoga which is present in the divinity of almighty which is present in everything in this universe. Yoga in one hand cures material flaws in our body and maintains the balance of all metals in our body, on the other hand maintains a right balance in the mind, body and speech and cures minute flaws and makes everything auspicious for us.

Tam yogamiti manyante sthiramindriyadharanam I
Apramattastada bhawati yogohi prabhavapyayau I (Katho 6.11)

The man who does yoga in life is free from all kings of mistakes (Pramaad). Birth of wisdom or auspiciousness is called Prabhav and bad habits, and end of ominous tendencies, such feelings is called Apyaya.

Etreal truth of Baba Ramdev

Swadeshi vrata: Indigenous is not a material thing, but it is an enormous and serious philosophy of life based on the principle of divine and natural justice. Swadeshi is the Principle of Inclusive, Sustainable, Passive & Justice full Prosperity. Feeling the presence of the Almighty all around means this world is the creation of that almighty and he is present in its every particle. -- "Isha vasyamidam sarvam, sarvam khalu idam brahma, vasudeva sarvam, siyaramamaya sab jag jani"

‘Sa avadhstatsa uparishtatsa pashchatsa purastatsa dakshinatah sa uttaratah sa
avedam, sarvamityathatoahamuttaratoahamevedam sarvamitiI’ (Chhando- 7/25/1)

It means what ever capabilities we have with regard to our body, soul, mind, speech, thinking, etc or in the field of social, political and economical positions , it has to be used in the service to the nation. It means whatever we have got, we have got from the almighty. When we start to consume our capabilities, our divine achievements are destroyed. When it is used in the service to others, it grows exponentially. It is our wealth which is eternal. The man who leads such a life, he becomes sacred, divine, great, highly respected and becomes good for all. He becomes the son of the Almighty on this earth and he comes a great sage.


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