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How to Handle Pregnancy Situation Properly

How to Handle Pregnancy Situation Properly
Pregnancy a very delicate and sensitive stage of a woman’s life. This is the state when she needs to be the most careful about her health because just slightest carelessness can endanger her life. This is the time when a woman is under fear due to uncertainty of her health, at the same time her heart is also full of joy waiting for advent of a baby in her life.

            During first 2-3 months of pregnancy, most of the expecting mothers feel vomiting. They have lack of proper appetite, in this situation she should eat according to her Desire. At the time of a baby’s birth, she has to incur immense labour pain, and it is the expectation of an expecting mother that birth of her baby should take place smoothly, without any issue. It is important for her to consider it as a natural phenomenon and have a positive attitude. She should not allow any kind of anxiety to enter into her mind. She should ward off negativity related to birth of her baby.

How to Handle Pregnancy Situation Properly
            During whole nine months’ period of pregnancy, an expecting mother needs to spend this period successfully by following proper diet, sleep. She should convince herself that she is going to become a mother which is the biggest achievement of a woman in the world. The Nine months should be spent with positive thinking.

            Though, changes in a woman’s nature are apparent with the time when she realizes that she has conceived. Some women are under fear, others have anxiety. It is required for her husband and her family members that she should always feel happy live tension free life. Necessary tests should be done time to time. This will give her an idea of her and her baby’s heath and she will be able to do whatever is required to be done.

            Never allow her blood pressure level to rise as high blood pressure could have adverse impact on the baby’s growth. If the mother is already suffering from high Blood Pressure problem, should take iron, calcium and other tablets at certain intervals as per doctor’s advice. Regular routine check up is also important to be done.

            Help her to maintain her mental peace, have right thinking, should listen melodious and pleasant music and she should also read the books which have good effect on her mind. These things will also have good effect on the unborn baby’s growth.

Urine test is also necessary, so that the level of albumin and sugar in her blood could be known and could also be controlled if she has any problem.

Blood test is also important. Many a times it is possible that her unborn baby could be inflicted by any hereditary disease which could hamper its physical and mental growth. Blood test can help the doctor to know such a problem and treat it on time.


One is advised to take health and nutritious food. An expecting mother should take food in a way so that she could gain at least one Kg weight a month. It is nice if an expecting Mother gains 10-12 kg weight during whole period of nine months.

Vegetarian food is considered to be the best for this period. One should take care of providing balanced diet to an expecting mother and her weight should not grow beyond advised limit. A woman can take milk, milk products and fresh coconut in abundance during this period. If her weight grows beyond advised limit, she could feel problems in changing her body posture while on bed or in the chair.

Proper diet of mother is very necessary for problem free birth of a baby. It is advised to provide pulses, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables fibrous food to an expecting mother. She can also be given moong, peanuts, protein and iron rich food like papaya, dates, raisin, etc. Avoid highly fatty food as they can cause problem of piles. Therefore the food should be rich in iron, protein and calcium.

It is also important to take care that unnecessary advice by people around her could lead her to the state of anxiety. It is also advised not to take papaya for the first three months of pregnancy. Otherwise she can take the food of her interest. This will help her to maintain good health.

During this period, a woman is strictly advised to ward off her habit of addiction of narcotics or alcohol. She should also take tea, coffee and cold drinks very less, or if possible she should stop taking them. Spicy and oily food should also be avoided.

Labour and medicines:

It is better not to take any medicine    in case she has could or cough as their medicines contain caffeine which could have bad impact on her health. In this period, level of Calcium and haemoglobin has to be proper in her body as it will allow smooth birth of a baby.

It has also been seen that an expecting mother often faint therefore, it is advised to consult a doctor immediately. This condition can be dangerous for both the mother and the baby. The women who have frequent issue of miscarriage, should avoid physical exercises

If the mother has diabetes problem, then it is very important to careful at the time of the birth of the baby as this time, the blood pressure level is high which can increase the Baby’s weight and difficulties can come in his birth. To ward off such problems, it is advised that a diabetic mother, who is expecting should go for regular check up of her blood pressure level and insulin levels. Activities like going upstairs, working on grinding machines, normal walk, some simple exercises and yoga and Pranayam make birth of child easy.

However, one should avoid doing such activities beyond capacity. Avoid hard work, frequently going up and down stairs, don’t raise heavy weight as such activities will have Adverse impact on unborn child.

Also stop sex during the period of pregnancy. In the first four months of pregnancy, Never be empty stomach and if you feel vomiting even then don’t stop taking food. Take as much water as you can. Towards the end of pregnancy, women are not able to eat much, hence, it is advised to give them more and more fruits, milk and other nutritious diet so that their body could get sufficient nutrition.

Never do these mistakes:

Never lie on the bed by stomach, never be wake up till late in the night, never be in wrong body posture, never take excessive bed rest, continue to do your regular routine works. Don’t take the medicines which contain mercury, in condition of fatigue, tiredness, jaundice, etc, these medicines have adverse impact on the patient. Avoid sorrow, anger, fear, fasting, long journey, travelling in a vehicle which gives a lot of jerk. Avoid taking alcohol, mutton, non-vegetarian food, allopathic medicines, etc.

During this period, a woman feels itching in her stomach; avoid to rub the part of stomach which is itching with your nails. Better you use cotton for this purpose.

Natural activities:

Must take deep breath in open space for 4-5 times at one time and this have to be repeated for 10-15 times a day. Practising it will be very useful during this period. Keep Soothing pictures which give you a pleasant feeling.

Take sufficient sleep:

Take rest for 2-3 hours a day and also sleep for at least 5-6 hours in the night. Listen your favourite music as it will have a favourable effect on your mind. In pregnancy, take special care of your body posture while sleeping. Lie in a way that there should not be jerk on your stomach.

Our eight months:

During first six months, visit at least once to your doctor, in seventh and eighth month visit there on fifteen days, so that the doctor could know about growth of your baby and could do anything on time in case there is any problem. Take breathing exercise as per a doctor’s advice. The doctor knows it in the eighth or ninth month if the birth will be normal or caesarean. If the birth will be caesarean, the family members as well as the expecting mother should be mentally prepared. This kind of delivery is conducted by a doctor for Good health of both the mother and the child in case no other option is left.

How to Handle Pregnancy Situation Properly

Affectionate behavior:

To make birth of a baby easier, it is the responsibility to maintain pleasure in his life partner’s life. His behavior has to be friendly, affectionate, cooperative and supportive as such a behavior will make things easier. At the time of a baby’s birth, the mental condition of the mother is very important. If she is in tension or anxiety, or depression, it will make the baby’s birth very difficult. Psychiatrists can be helpful in this period.

A woman should avoid being  in contact of perfumes phenol, pesticides, etc as it can be harmful for both the mother and the child. An expecting mother should avoid taking excess salt in food as it can cause swelling in her limbs, of course, if she has low blood pressure, the quantity of salt can be increased in meal. If she is working at places where x-ray machines, chemicals, smoke etc are used the most, avoid your work during this period.

In pregnancy, pregnant women feel a lot of hunger; therefore it is advised to take meal in small quantity at short intervals. Taking a lot of food in one time may cause indigestion and other problems. Take food in proper quantity; avoid fatty food in the first three months.

During pregnancy, a woman’s skin could be dry, sticky, oily, etc. It is advised not to use soap in this period. Better you use some good moisturizer that suits your skin. If the colour of your skin turns black, or you have small grains on the face, you should not be concerned about it. After baby’s birth, the problem will automatically become vanished.

Above mentioned suggestions and using Patanjali’s nutritious products and medicines will keep an expecting mother healthy and happy and the baby’s birth will be easy.


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