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Sesame: A divine medicinal herb for winter

Sesame: A divine medicinal herb for winter
Now-a-days the pastoral land in rural areas are getting to be vanished. Now the forests of concrete is growing all around in our agricultural fields. People are trying to search good health in tablets and injections instead of herbs. Th is is the reality of the country which is recognized as the origin of Ayurveda. 

Patanjali Ayurveda and the whole movement of Patanjali is focused on this issue only and has been intensely engaged in research on these topics to prevent the atrocities being committed on our body in the name of the treatment of diseases. Th is body is the greatest blessing of the Almighty. On the basis of the findings of the research, we bring you this series on “Health in hers”.In this issue, we are going to discuss on the medicinal properties of sesame seeds which is considered to be the best in winter from health point of view-
We are well aware of sesame and its oil. In winter we have been enjoying sesame Laddu for many generations. On the basis of colour, sesame has three categories- White, red and black. In terms of medicinal properties black sesame oil is considered to be the best. Sesame seed is India’s most famous commercial and medicinal material. It is harvested up to 1200 meter height in all states of India.

Its regular use improves appetite, improves mental abilities, it is also considered to be the best for the teeth. It is also considered to be good for skin. Regular massage of its oil on the body will prevent the problems like blood impurities, Katishul, Angamard, gastric problems, etc. If its packet is tied on wounds, or sore, it will effectively cure your problem. If cactus thorn has entered into your body is is not coming out easily, apply its oil at regular intervals, the thorn will automatically come out of the body. Sesame’s panchang like its roots, seeds, leaves and oil are used for good health. However, the patients of leprosy, swelling , etc are advised not to use it. Moreover, in other uses, it is advised to consult an expert for its use.

Ayurvedic properties of sesame:
  • It tastes bitter and sweet, it is a bit heavy, tasty, smooth and cureshot, cough and gas related problems. It gives strength,healthy for hair, increases milk production in lactating mother, cures sore, keeps our teeth healthy, cures urine related diseases.
  • Black sesame is considered 
  • to be the best which 
  • strengthens sperm. 
  • White sesame is of moderate 
  • health properties 
  • and red is considered to 
  • be cheapest from health 
  • point of view.
  • Sesame oil tastes stringent, sweet, increases Pitt, cures gastric, hot and smooth in nature.
  • It is sweet, tasty, acrid, causes eyes and blood related problems, gives strength, cures cough and gastric problems.

External use:

Its plant is straight, 30-60 meter high, acrid smell, full of branches and some of them don’t have branches, its leaves are long and soft . Length of the leaves is 6-15 cm long and 3-10 cm wide. The colour of its flowers can be purple, pink, whitish purple and could also have yellowish spots. Its legume is 2-5 cm long, 6 mm wide,furry, straight, quadrilateral and divided in four compartments. Seeds are 2-5-3 mm long, 1-5 mm wide and are smooth. It produces fruits between August and October. Chemical properties: As far as the chemical composition of its seeds are concerned, glycollipids and phospholipids are found in its flowers. Its seeds contain fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, B, C and E, thymine, vaporising oil, tyrosine, etc. A kind of sticky material is found to be in its leaves.

Medicinal uses:

Head related problems :

Make tea of sesame roots and leaves and use it for cleaning your hair. It will prevent them from greying. Your hair is always soft and silky.To stop greying hair, use black sesame oil in its pure form By massaging your hair with the oil everyday will give you healthy, shiny and dense hair.

• To treat the problem of dandruff and baldness, take sesame flower, Gokshur and add equal quantity  of ghee and honey and make their paste and apply it on your hair. Take equal quantities of Amla,black sesame,Kamal Kesar,Mulethi powder and add in the mixture some honey, your hair will be  long and black.

• Suryavarta: Make paste of sesame in milk and apply on affected part or on head in Suryavrat  disease. It will cure the problem. Make paste of sesame leavers in vinegar or water and apply it on  head. It will cure the disease- Shirah Shool.

• Khalitya-Palitya: Take equal quantities of Amla, black sesame, Kamal Kesar and Mulethi  and blend  their powder in honey and applied on the hair, will give you healthy and black  hair.

• Make paste of sesame leaves in water or vinegar, and apply it on your head, it will cure the problem  of Shirah: Shool.

Eye disease :

• Collect dews from sesame leaves in winter in a small bottle and put in eyes with dropper. It is very  effective in eye problems.

• Make tea of black sesame and use it for washing eyes. It also cures eye problems. 

• Take 80 flowers of sesame, 60 pippali, 50 jati flowers,16 pepper and make their paste and apply it in eyes. It will cure the problems like Timir, Arjun, Netrashukra, Mansvriddhi etc.

• Take sesame oil, Bahera oil, alba juice, vijaysar tea and boil them in an iron pot. Apply the preparation in nose. It will be very useful for good eyesight.

Chest diseases :

• Cough: Add two spoons of sugar in 30-40 ml tea of sesame and drink the preparation. It is very effective in cough.

• Dry cough will be cured if you take boiled mixture of sugar candy and sesame seeds.

Stomach problems

• Raktatisar: Take 5 gm sesame and same quantity of sugar candy and take it with four times of its quantity of goat milk. It is very useful in Raktatisar.

• Aamatisar: Soak sesame leaves in water. Drinking this water is very useful in the problems like Visuchika, Atisar, Amatisar, Pratishyay and urine related problems.

Anal problems:

• Piles: Make paste of sesame and water and take it one hour before meal with butter thrice a day. It cures bleeding. 

• Make paste of sesame and put it on fl ame for some time and tie it on aff ected area. It is very eff ective in piles.

• Anema of sesame oil will cure the problem of piles. 

Kidney related diseases: 

• Stone: Take 125-250 mg sesame leaves dried in shadow everyday. It will destroy stone inside the body.

• In 1-2 gm base of sesame flowers,add two spoons of honey and 250 ml milk. Administer this preparation to the patient. It will cure the disease. 

• Take 125-250 mg sesame Pamchadhau ash with vinegar. It is effective in stone related problems.

Pregnancy related problems :

• Uterus related problems: By consuming 625 mg sesame powder 3-4 times a day is very useful in uterus related problems. 

• Taking 30-40 ml sesame tea everyday is very useful in menstruation related problems.

• Make 100 ml tea of sesame and add 2 gm dry ginger, 2 gm pepper, 2 gm pipal, powder and administer the patient thrice a day. It will cure the problem.

• Soak raw cotton in sesame oil and ask the patient to keep it inside the vagina will cure

• Soak 10 gm sesame and 10 gm Gokharu overnight in the morning add some burra in it
and administer it to the patient. It will cure the menstruation related problems.

• For normal menstruation, take 1-2 gm sesame powder with water 2-3 times a day. Make tea of sesame take 30-40 gm of it both ends. It will make menstruation normal.

• Take fi ve gm sesame and 1 gm Gokharu and boil them in 200 ml goat milk. After cooling add some honey. It will strengthen sperm.

• Soak sesame leaves in water for 12 hours. Drinking this water is useful in the diseases like puyameh and urine related problems.

Bone-joint problems :

• Arthritis: Take equal quantities of sesame and dry ginger and administer it to the patient for 3-4 times to the patient. It will cure the problem.

• Potency: Potency is strengthened if one takes tea of sesame and Alsi. Th e preparation has to be taken 30-40 ml everyday twice.

Chemical vajikaran :

• Chemical: By administering sesame and Jal Bhangare leaves for a month many diseases of old age are cured. In this condition, one should take only milk.

Diseases of kids :

• Urinating on bed: For the kids who urinate on the bed in the night while sleeping, use of
sesame for a long time is very useful.

Sesame: A divine medicinal herb for winter scientific name
Treatment of poison :

• Spider poison is cured by applying paste of turmeric and sesame on affected area.

• Cat bite poison is cured by applying sesame paste on affected area.

• Uneven fever: Th e problem is cured by administering sesamepulp with ghee.

• Scorpion bite: By applying paste of sesame on aff ected part will cure the problem.

• Pest bite: Applying paste of sesame is very eff ected in this problem.

• Other uses: Sesame oil is very useful for skin. Massage with sesame oil always keeps a person healthy. It also cures blood related problems, waist sore, Angmard, gastric problems etc are cured.

• Applying sesame paste in vinegar on head, headache is cured. 

• Pimples are cured on applying paste of sesame and siras bark on face.

• By tying paste of sesame on wound, the problem is cured.

• Make paste of sesame and caster separately and mix them in sesame oil and apply on wound, the problem will be cured. 

• Make paste of sesame in milk and apply on head, it is useful in Suryavart shirorog.

• Tying pultis of sesame on sore or wound, the problem is cured. 

• Applying sesame oil on all kind of wounds is very eff ective.

• If cactus thorn gets inside any body part, keep apply sesame oil on affected area, the thorn will easily come out. 

Hence in winter, sesame and its oil are very useful and give us a lot of nutrition.


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