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Bed Wetting : Problem and Remedies : Psychological and Physical terms

Bed Wetting : Problem and Remedies

Bed Wetting : Problem and Remedies
Bed Wetting is the natural abnormality found in childhood, in which some children wet the bed, while in sleep. The process of urination in infants is undesired. But with physical and mental development, the child learns to control the urination and discharge, at the wish. By three years, a child has total control on it means he is able to control this nature’s call.

Bed Wetting : Problem and Remedies

According to these standards, around 80% of the children, between 3-5 years become free of bed wetting habit but if the child continues the habit even aft er 5 years, it is categorized under disorder.
There are two types of bed wetting.
In first condition, the child does not have muscle control of the urine bladder naturally due to bodily abnormalities and thus, he is unable to hold the control of urine discharge.Such type of child can’t keep his bed dry. Mostly such cases are related to mental disorders. Second category belongs to the children, who have control on the muscular system and also keep bed dry for some time. But due to certain reasons discharge the urine in bed, while in sleep. Let us see the reasons in details.

1. Psychological Factors:
Bed Wetting : Problem and Remedies

The psychological reasons include –
A. Sense of insecurity among children.
B. Carelessness of the parents in giving the proper toilet training.
C. Suppressed feelings of worry, fear, anger, jealous, which result into bed wetting.
D. Children living in tense environment, against their wish. The children, who are found to be suffering with such problem remain in deep slumber at night that it is difficult to awake them. The message sent from the urine bladder does not reach their brain and they wet the bed in sleep.

Bed Wetting : Problem and Remedies2. Physical Reasons:

The disorder exists in the children with bodily abnormalities since birth like diabetes, urinary bladder dysfunction, disorders of urinary tract, kidney disorders, constipation etc.

Medicinal steps:

Diagnosis of bodily reasons like diabetes, kidney abnormalities, urinary bladder dysfunction should be conducted and followed by proper treatment. With the treatment of the bodily dysfunction, the problem will be resolved. Besides, if the child has worms in stomach, meals or constipation problem, give him her milk with castor oil or raisins. If the cause of the problem is psychological, consult psychiatric to get proper treatment.
Stop children taking sherbet, milk after sun rise. Parents should not tease or scold the children for the habit.The parents and doctors should keep in mind that the child should have least psychological effect of such habit. Any depression in the child, related to this problem will further aggravate the trouble. Also wake-up the child every 2-3 hours for urination and take him/her to the toilet.

1. Divya Chandraprabhavati, Banga Bhasma, Tribhang Bhasma, Shilajeetvadi Loh etc.
2. Divya Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Shankhpushpi combination is also helpful in the treatment of the disease. Take the advice from the experts available at Patanjali centers before taking these medicines to get faster results.
3. In domestic treatment, take one walnut and 10 raisins daily for around 1 month, which resolves the trouble.

Children are the valuable gems of our life. Their upbringing, physical psychological ability development is our responsibility but don’t forget the role of emotional support, the children need, which is the most important part for the complete development. If we provide all-support to the children in their development, bed wetting is not a difficult problem.


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