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Take Ayurvedic,natural and yogik treatment when you have fever

OUR body adjusts itself according to changing season. If a person’s body is free from toxicants, the the change will be easier, otherwise, deformities related to obstacles are born. Fever is the indication of such deformities. From the upper part of a nose to just behind the middle area, in the bottom of the head, there is nuclei made heat controller, which is called hypothalamus. The blood starts to become poisonous, due to which it becomes disturbed, our body loses temperature very fast, and hence the body temperature increases. Organs like skin, liver, kidney, lungs, vomiting centreadn heart become very active and hence a person’s sweat, urine start to smell very dirty. You feel like vomiting, your hunger is disturbed, and the person feels feverous, which is caused due to wrong food habits and life style, due to this the body is filled with toxicants, which give birth to bacteria and virus and immune power of the body become weak and the blood begins to become poisonous.

Then it starts itching and burning sensation on the face, the whole body starts shivering, the factors of changing weather become very powerful. In other words it can be said that adverse circumstances the body tries to adjust itself according to the circumstances in the process, a person is caught by fever.

Chemistry of fever

Food digestion, absorption and other process produce heat and this heat is distributed in all parts of body through blood. This heat is the energy and calorie of the body which gives us energy to execute our various physical and mental activities. It could not be spent more than need, the nature has made arrangements in the form of fats in the body. Though internal temperature depends upon internal heat
production in the body. If the heat production is less, the body temperature goes down. This is the condition in the areas which are mostly covered by snow. There due to scarcity of food, the condition of hypothalamus is created. In this situation, if proper treatment is not provided, it is possible that the affected person may die. If the heat produced is more than the need for various activities, the body temperature grows. This system is called thermogenic centre.

Temperature and fever

Our normal body temperature is 98.6 *F and when we are sleeping in the night, it drops to 97*F between 2 am and 5 am. On the contrary, between 12-5 PM in the day, the temperature reaches to 99 *F. After having taken tea or other hot drinks, or while inhaling, the temperature is affected. Of course when a minor has fever, you should take precaution if you are  using thermometer in his mouth to measure his body temperature. Or you can measure the temperature from thigh or armpit. The temperature of these parts is 0.5 *F less than the temperature measured from the mouth. Always keep in your mind that if the body temperature is below 95, he can collapse. In this situation, it is to
be noted that a child’s  ermogenic centre is not well developed

therefore he is highly prone to cold, cough, etc and due to this the temperature can go upto 105*F and more importantly, a kid’s temperature is a bit higher than an adult. If the temperature is not above 105 *F, use natural methods for this purpose. The temperature higher than this can prove to be dangerous. Though, in case of fever, the body shivers with cold and the teeth start to create noise. The cold feeling fluctuates. Blood ducts start expanding and contracting. Due to this hot blood is not able to reach to the skin, and in this condition the skin temperature goes down. Due to shivering sensation, the body temperature start to grow on its own. Finally the skin also becomes hot, and the thermogenic centre becomes highly active.

Dangerous temperature

In the condition of severe fever brain is affected the most, and when the temperature goes beyond 104 *F, the patient can faint. 104.8 *F temperature is very harmful. If the temperature persists at 106 *F for some time, it can damage the functioning of your brain. If the temperature reaches to 107 *F , it is largely possible that the patient can die. Blood circulation at 108 *F gets obstructed. It can also cause liver failure. This situation is caused due to sunstroke. Actually, it has been observed that aft er reaching to 107 *F, the body temperature starts gradually going down. A lot of sweat is released from the body and the temperature starts going down. But sometimes in low temperature, the thermostat centre can be damaged which is a very serious condition. Therefore, one should try to have natural methods to bring down the temperature as it reaches to 104 *F. 

Fever and medicines

Body function scientist of Carnel University Prof. Ugen F Dubbayam in his researches observed that our body has to withhold bear high temperature which is amazing but this temperature cannot be tolerated by the germs this is the reason why the body temperature goes up. As the temperature goes up, the germs gradually start dying. The 108 *F temperature destroys all the germs in the body. In this situation, the efforts to lower the temperature is considered to be an interruption in the functioning of the nature. Dr Burten said that fever never causes any bad effect on our body, of course, forceful efforts to bring down the temperature may have bad impact on the brain and body. In a research it has been found that excess use of medicines in a case of fever is mostly responsible for deaths. The time any virus enters into our body, it starts producing a train to destroy the virus which is called interferon.

Understand it also

In an experience it was found that in malaria or other such diseases, the treatment is started without having any idea of the nature of the problem. Its bad result is apparent into growth in the problem. You know that the chemical medicines given in fever causes side-effects like indigestion, paralysis, mental and physical deformities, heart diseases, diseases of kidney, anemia, leukemia, etc. Hence it is better to turn to natural treatment to bring down the body temperature so that the toxicants stored in the body could be brought out naturally.

Natural treatment

With increase in body temperature, stop taking food immediately. Administer lemon water 6-7 times a day. The citric acid found in it causes a lot of urine through toxicants are released from the body. They also come out through various means of excretion from the body. Fruits of citrus nature increase your immunity. Hence one must take fruits like orange, lemon, sweet lime (mausambi) etc in abundance. In the condition of fever, the body loses necessary nutrients which can be replenished if the patient is administered lemon-honey-water or orange or sweet lime juices. If the patient seeks more food, give him 20-25 grains of raisins. Keep his head covered with wet towel, cover his body with blanket and keep his feet into lukewarm water. This will decrease the body temperature by 2-3 *F. In the condition of shivering or cold feeling, keep towel soaked in lukewarm water on his head for
15 minutes and keep his body fully covered by blanket. In case of severe fever, pour normal water on his head to protect the brain from getting damage. Prevent his body from getting exposed to air during this process. If the condition of fever goes for some long time, it will be better to give Kati Snan to the patient and as long as the stomach is not cleared , better you give hot neem water aniema.
Also give neem leaves gharshan bath twice a day. It is very effective in bringing down the temperature and bringing out toxicants from the body. Don’t show haste to bring down the body temperature, and keep in your mind to provide as much rest to the patient as it could be possible. Give the patient liquid food as per his demand. Patanjali prescribed Giloy Ghan Vati, Giloy Swaras, Jwarnashak Vati, Jwarnashak Kwath, Tulsi Ghanwati, etc can be used in initial treatment.

Two days after the fever goes down

Even after the fever goes down, keep special care of the patient’s food. It has been observed that the patient feels severe hunger aft er the body temperature goes down. In this condition, any kind of carelessness can cause death. Aft er the fever goes down, give soup of boiled vegetables for two days. You can give boiled moong water to the patient to provide his protein and carbohydrate needs. Bisucits, bread and confectionaries, tea, coffee, etc should not be given at all. Solid food should be started slowly. You can give him porridge of rice or wheat to the patient and boiled vegetables should also be given him to eat while chewing properly. Solid food should be given in lesser quantity initially and should be increased gradually. During this period, the patient can be given fruits and sprouts.


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