Monday, May 23, 2016

A magical method to turn thousands of troubles into pleasure O my god ! I am your slave, you are my master

There is a story by famous writer Fariddudin Attar on the topic of “A master and a slave”. The extract of the story is that a master gave his slave to a fruit which was bitter. When the slave was eating the fruit, the master questioned about the taste of the fruit. The slave replied- o my master, it is very sweet.

There is a similar story about hakeem Lukman who was a slave in the initial days of his life. His master gave him a cucumber which was also bitter. When the master inquired from him about the taste of the cucumber, the slave replied- it is very sweet. The master surprisingly asked- how can this bitter cucumber taste you sweet. Lukman said - O my master, you have given me so many sweet fruits, if this one is bitter so what? I should accept it with happiness. It is said that listening these words of Lukman, his master freed him.

Actually the writer in the story has offered a formula to make our lives pleasant. It is also a meaning
of this story that the Almighty is the master of all of us and we are his slaves. The story has also depicted what kind of our attitude has to be towards our master.

The moment you accept the reality that the Almighty is our master and we are his slaves, all the pains of our life is over that very moment. This has to be. It is not necessary to expect that a master will always give pleasure to his slave. In fact, he can give anything - either happiness or sorrow according to the capabilities of a slave. He gives all sorts of opportunities for his improvement and can give it too. But in fact, that the Almighty never wants to ruin his slave. It is wrong to expect that whatever a master gives to his slave will not include any painful thing. In fact, a master is the best well wisher of his slave and if we look at the external form of this relation, we will wrongly know that a master gives only pain to his slave. But in fact, it is the duty of a true slave to turn the pains given by his master into pleasure. If it is the mentality of a slave that whatever his master does for him is for his betterment, then it is definitely it will prove to be good for him. He will have a feeling that his master’s actions will do good to him. Though it will be seen from outside that the slave is in pain, but the slave will in himself feel peace and satisfaction.

It is necessary that a slave should happily accept what he gets from his master. A slave should not expect anything from his master but whatever he gets from him, has to be accepted with pleasure. It means,whatever we get from our master who is the Almighty, should be accepted with happiness whether it is sweet or bitter. One has to be neutral towards our supreme master.

One should behave like this or should not behave like this, should not come into the mind. Only it is the master who is our everything should be the thinking and no other idea should come in the mind. The almighty is always our master, both when he gives us the things which give us happiness, but he is again our master when he gives us the things which do not give us happiness. Here is an example - when a mother feeds her children from breasts, the child calls her o my mother, but he utters the same words when she beats him up. A good wife, an obedient son, prosperity, dignity, sharp mind and wisdom, good friends, etc are sweet fruits of life. At the same time, scarcity of wealth at certain point
of time in our life, drought, famine, flood, frost, separation from our beloved persons, harsh nature of
wife, autocratic son, treacherous friend, insult, defamation, are the bitter fruits, which the master gives to his slaves. But it is the matter of joy the slave accepts the both with happiness. For every present, there is only one word that comes out of his heart is - o my master, it is very sweet. One who lives with this mindset never gets any pain.

Pain is only then when we are unsatisfied regarding fulfillment of our desires. The man who considers as the slave of the Almighty and also understood its meaning very well, he cannot have any other kind of feeling in his heart. Desire and slavery are totally opposite. In fact, any slave’s identity is recognized when a bitter fruit is kept in his hands by the Almighty. It has not to be that one should speak good words from outside and feel bitter from inside. It will be like cheating oneself. The true character of a slave is that he should be satisfied from both inside and outside and should always have it on his lips- O my master, it is very sweet..

Is anyone so capable to say good words on loosing a cow who gave 20 kg milk a day, daughter - in - law is not favorable, son is disobedient, you lose election, etc? Can anyone give thanks to his master in these kind of circumstances?

Humans have definitely learnt to say thanks to the Almighty, has also learnt to pray the Almighty in beautiful words and have also learnt how to pray, they have been heard saying that it is due to the grace of the Almighty that they have prosperity, there is happiness all around, all are self-dependent in the family. Business is growing due to the grace of the Almighty. But it happens when we get desired things from the Almighty. Otherwise, in case of a bit of unfavorable circumstances, people have a tendency to lose their heart. They start complaining, their face becomes red, and start crying and crying that what wrong has happened to them.

In fact, where has the light of his mind has gone to which remained here till some time back. What has filled him with darkness and negativity? Why is he feeling lonely? Why does he lose his heart?

What has happened to the prayers, the visits to the places of pilgrimages, penance, reading religious
scriptures, etc? There must be any of them which is capable in prevent the tears of a man. Non could
prevent the tears. If it is the relation between a slave and a master, then what is the need for crying?

The Almighty is absolutely capable, full of compassion, impartial, and whatever he gives his slave,
gives according to the capabilities of his servants. 

There is no motive of the Almighty behind it. It is the experience of the greatmen that the much one makes oneself established, the much he will be enlightened, which should not be doubted.


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