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India will be saved only with woman will get due respect

India will be saved only when women will get due respect

INDIAN New Year which is known by many names like Yugadi, Gudi Parwa, Navvarsha, etc, fell this year on April 8 which is also observed as our National Women’s Day with great fanfare. It is believed that on this day, the Almighty had started the creation of the world but this job was carried forward by the women folk, who are mothers. As long as mothers are here, the whole universe’s existence remains. All are helpless and nothing is possible in her absence. I remember our mother when we are in trouble because she is the true form of the Almighty, she is his incarnation. Though our soul is gender free but in live form in this universe the Almighty has done some changes, any mother begins the creation of the universe since she get a life in her uterus. The process of making of a man or women begins right from there. It is an undeniable truth that a child will be like his or her mother.

Even today, from the predominance point of view, men have upper hand and women were kept deprived of social, political and spiritual freedom which is why many misconceptions were spread in the society which we are going to discuss here.

Misconception regarding the capabilities of women

1. There is a misconception about them that they are mentally less capable:

On the contrary, it has been found that they are most capable in terms of their knowledge and soul. Right from the examinations of schools and colleges to all other competitive exams, women are outstanding which is clear from their track record. More importantly, they are also stronger than men in terms of the tests of life and morality. Unfortunately, if a woman’s husband dies, she wiped her eyes and took upthe responsibility to raise her kids and she has also been seen leading her family and the nation successfully. It is clear from the instances of Jhansi Ki Rani, Ahilya Bai, etc. On the contrary, when a man loses his wife, all his world will be shattered. This proves that women are stronger than men.

II. Another misconception about them is that they are physically weaker:

They are sophisticated, they are no less stronger than men. Often in our families it is seen that they take care of their family despite doing an outdoor job, that too without getting tired. Men are oft en seen unable to do physical works aft er turning 50, on the contrary, women are usually seen doing physical works even when they are 70-80 years old. The women who are trained in various skills of wrestling, boxing, Kabaddi, etc, they are as strong as steel. We can see how women are bringing pride to our nation in the field of sports.

III. Third misconception is related to her sacredness:

Some fools are of the view that women are not sacred due to menstruation while on the other hand it
is a natural way to purify her uterus, and if it is a dirty thing then men who also excrete every day, should also be considered the same. On the contrary, all these activities are the natural ways to purify our body. In fact menstruation makes a woman capable of conceiving and the same blood build a new life inside her body. If she is not sacred due to this, then the men born out of her body are double impure. Some people, citing these things, prevents her from wearing Yagyopavit and reading Vedas, on the contrary, such logics are presented fearing from her immense capabilities. Some menfear that if she is allowed to have her way in the field of knowledge, she can rule the world and this cannot be acceptable to them. We are grateful to Swami Dayanandji who citing Vedas, said that women can wear Yagyopaveet as well as read Vedas. He has also said that they can become Brahma in Yagnas. Inpresent time, we are grateful to respected Swami ji who has ensured fifty percent participation of women in his institute. Here women get more respect and affection than men.

IV. Forth misconception is related to spiritual capabilities of women:

It is often spread that women are less capable in terms of spiritualism because they are physically weak and they always need the support of a man. Hence they are advised not to take Sanyas. However, this notion is absolutely and utterly wrong. On the contrary it is the women without whose support it is impossible for a man to accomplish anything in life. If you have got to know spiritual strength of a woman, just take the example of Savitri, Seeta, Anusuiya, Parvati, Kaushalya, Anjana, Gargi, Madalsa, Maitrai and great women sages like Shraddah, Ghosha, Apala, Vagambhrini, Sumna, Ushij, Mamata, etc. One must read about the life and achievements of these great women of India. Therefore I can say with 100 percent confidence that if a woman, who is the incarnation of Goddess Bhagawati, lives in home, she can do good for 5,10,20,50 people, and when she goes for penance she can bring significant positive changes in the life of millions of people as Mother Sharda, Sri Maa, Mother Anandmai and many other great women did.

V. Fifth and highly indecent accusation is that women need more sex than men:

On the contrary, the incidents of sexual abuse by men in the society proves that men are 99 percent
involved in such cases. Women are rarely found involved in such incidents. Some men cite frivolous reason that women are naturally made in a way to excite a man sexually. In fact, she is made a sacred entity by the Almighty, so how can she be like that. In fact such people who see her that way are mentally sick. It will be better for them to look a goddess in a woman.

VI. Another misconception regarding a woman is that she speaks a lot and has a habit of gossip:

But the truth is quite different. While moving length and width of the country, on many public places like bus stops, railway stations, etc, including crematorium,men are prone not to be silent. They are found to be much more talkative then women. The topic of discussion of men are political corruption, deteriorating time, etc. Clearly, they are most of the time involved in unnecessary and useless discussions, better they would have understood it that they should have properly used the time instead of misusing it. It would have been better, if they had devoted their energy in remembering the Almighty.

VII. Seventh wrong notion is regarding historical pride:

Some people try to spread this misconception that women have nothing in history to feel proud of. It is utterly wrong. Of course, it is true that in the last one century, women have to suffer a lot due to their fluctuation position in the society, politically, even the countries which are counted among most developed nations of the world did not give them voting rights a century back, socially they had very less right too, it means women were the victim of social neglect. One of its main reason is that they suffered at the hands of men due to their own benevolence. They agreed to stay behind the curtain and all social ,political and property related rights remained in the hands of the men. But it is not that they were any way less capable than men. Since Vedicera to the present time, from the courtyard of her home to battle fields to Yagna Shala, or from spiritual accomplishment to other fields, women have written a great history. They have worked like an icon in every field. Even today, they are fi rm and unflinching. But we are prone to spread false things about them.

VIII. Eighth and the biggest misconception is related to misfortune:

However, things have started to change in this regard in modern time. Otherwise some people had propagated wrong information regarding a woman’s capabilities. It is like presenting a nice thing
in a bad light. Many people in the society are often heard to be saying that women are made to produce children. It is their destiny to stay at home and take care of domestic works and raise her
children. Unfortunately, she also starts believing them as a truth. It is like clipping a bird’s wings before she starts flying. It is a reality that running a household is more difficult than running a factory or an organization. A woman in a family spreads happiness in her family; she takes care of the happiness of her husband, children and other in-laws. Unfortunately, her greatness is recognized when she takes heavenly abode. Then all her relatives say that how greatly she took care of her entire family and after her the family is shattered. Not just her family but she also takes care of outdoor business in the time of need. She can run a business, a factory and more importantly a nation. If a women dies, her husband fails to take care of his family and everything is destroyed. Hence, taking care of a family is not her destiny but it is good luck of a household. It is divine quality of a woman to take care of a family.
Hence on the occasion of this National Women’s Day, it is my appeal to all the officer bearers and the workers of  Patanjali society to congratulate our women folk on this day. All of us should make yoga a part of our life, get rid of all misconceptions and make other sisters to know about their qualities. Because- India’s strength will be preserved when women will get a dignified position in the society.
1. Th ere is a misconception
about them that they are mentally
less capable:


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