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Aloe Vera : A divine herbal medicine for healthy life

Aloe Vera : A divine herbal medicine for healthy life

NOW-a-days the pastoral land in rural areas are getting to be vanished. Now the forests of concrete is growing all around in our agricultural fields. People are trying to search good health in tablets and injections instead of herbs. This is the reality of the country which is recognized as the origin of Ayurveda. Patanjali Ayurveda and the whole movement of Patanjali is focused on this issue only and has been intensely engaged in research on these topics to prevent the atrocities being committed on our body in the name of the treatment of diseases. This body is the greatest blessing of the Almighty. On the basis of the findings of the research, we bring you this series on “Health in hers”In this issue, we are going to discuss on the medicinal properties of Aloe Vera and methods to use it

Aloe Vera is grown in all parts of India. It is also grown in earthen pots in our households. It is also planted on the boundary of agricultural fields.Though its description is not found in the Nighantus of Charak,Sushrut, Vaagbhatta and Dhanwantari Maharaj, one can find detailed information about it in Amarkosh, Bhavprakash, etc. Its different species are found at different places and different regions, it is used in various kind of treatment of different diseases.

External form:
It is of two kinds- 1.Aloe Vera (Linn.),Burm. f.m.
It is 30-60 cm high, fleshy, leafy plant. It has no trunk but thick and
fleshy leaves originate straight from the roots. Leaves are full of
flesh or pulp, they are straight, the plant has no stems, they are 35-60 cm long, 10 cm wide, 18 mm thick, its edges have thorns, which are densely paired in two rows, colour is bright green, with some white patches, with sharp point on the front narrow side. In the middle of its bunch, flowers appear and reddish flowers appear in the winter. When its leaves are slit or cut, they release yellowish fluid, which clots on low temperature, it is called Kumari extract. Its flowers appear between December and May. It is the main species of Aloe Vera.

Besides this, their is another low quality species of Aloe Vera, which is called Aloe Abyssinica Lam. It has small trunk,.Its leaves are also thick, fleshy, emerging from all parts of the trunk, its fleshy front part is tipped pointed thorns and a line divides its leaves from the middle which contains yellow flowers.

It is laxative, Mardvikarak, purifier. It is used in the problems like erysipelas,vicharchika,karkatarbuda,diabetes,dagdha vrana,intestine related diseases and swelling, shleshmakala shoth and ulcer in mouth.

Chemical composition:

Its plants contain aloine aloesone, aloasine, etc. While its leaves contain barbeloine, cryasophenile, aglaecone, aloe emodine, myusilage, glucose, glactose, mainnose, gelectyuronic acid, malic acid, cytric acid, tarteric acid, aloesone, aloasine, etc.

Methods to use Aloe Vera as a medicine:

Head related diseases:

Headache: Add some daruharidra powder in aloe vera pulp and tie it on the place which pains. It will cure the problem.

Eye diseases:

Eye problems: If the aloe vera pulp is applied in the eyes, it will cure the problem of redness in your eyes, it also cures heat problem in the body. This viral is also useful in conjectivieties.

• Take one gm of aloe vera pulp and mix 375 mg opium into it, and make a packet, then you sink it into water and then touch your eyes through it, also pour 1-2 drops in your eyes too. It is useful in eye pain.

• Pour a bit of turmeric on aloe vera pulp and heat it for some time, tie it on your eyes. It will cure your problem.

Ear related problems:

Ear pains: Warm aloe vera juice a bit and two drops of it in the ear opposite to the ear which has pain. It will cure your pain.

Worms of ear: If you have worms in your ear due to high temperature, then make aloe vera paste and pour its two drops in your ears as it will cure your problem. Though you do it under the guidance of medical expert.

Chest problems:

Cough: Take aloe vera pulp and saindhav salt, and prepare their Bhasma, and take its 5 gm with Munakka in the morning and evening, it will cure the problem of chronic cough.

Stomach diseases:

Vataj Gulm: Take 6 gm of aloe vera pulp, 6 gm cow ghee, 1 gm
haritika powder, Sendha salt 1 gm, and mix them together and administer to the patient. It will be very effective.

Stomach cyst: Tie the pulp of aloe vera on your stomach, it will
cure the problem. It will also clear your stomach..

Stomach pain: Take 10-20 gm roots of Aloe vera and boil it in crushed form. Then filter it well and pour roasted Hing on it, administer this preparation to the patient. It will cure the problem.

Gulm: Take equal quantities of aloe vera pulp and ghee (60-60
gm), with 10 gm each of  haritika powder and saindhav salt, and
mix them together well. Use it 10-15 gm in the morning and evening as it will cure your problem.

Enlarged Spline: Take 10-20 ml aloe vera extract and 2-3 gm turmeric powder and consume it. It will cure your problem of
enlarged spline and indigestion.

Gulm: Take 5-6 gm aloevera pulp added with cow ghee, and then you add trikut (dry ginger, pepper, pippali) besides haritika and saindha salt, if this preparation is taken properly, it will cure your problem of Gulma.

Anal problem:

Bleeding piles: Take 50 gm aloe vera pulp and add 2 gm geru powder and then make its small tablets, then spread it into cotton, and tie it around anus like underpant. It will cure your pain. It is special treatment for the problem.

Liver - spline problems:

Hepatitis B: Take 10-20 ml aloe vera juice twice - thrice a day, it is useful in jaundice and hepatitis. It also cures yellowishness of the eyes and constipation is also cured.

• It is also believed to be useful in hepatitis B when 1-2 drops of its extract is poured into your nostrils.

• Take aloe vera pulp and its peels should be stored into a earthen pot and add equal quantity of slat into it, and close its mouth and put it on bonfi re, when the fluid inside the pot gets black, then make its fine powder and take it 3-6 gm with butter milk as it will cure the problem.

Urine and kidney related problems:

Mutrakrichchhra: Take 5-10 gm fresh aloe vera pulp and add some sugar into it, it will cure your urine related problems.

Diabetes: Take 250-500 mg Guduchi extract and add 5 gm Ghritkumari or aloe vera pulp and if it is administered to the patients it will be effective.

Reproduction system diseases:

Menstruation related problems: Take 10 gm aloe vera pulp and pour Butea monosperma base on it, and administer it twice a day, it will cure the problems.

Upadansh: In the sores of Upadansh, if aloe vera pulp paste is applied, the problem will be cured.

Bone Joint diseases:

Arthritis: If you eat soft pulp of aloe vera regularly, it will be effective in this problem.

Waist pain: Take wheat flour, ghee and aloe vera pulp and mix them together and use it to prepare chapati then, make powder of this chapati and use it to make Laddos, if it is eaten regularly, it will cure your problem of waist pain.

Skin diseases:

• In sore, wound, etc, take some aloe vera pulp, add some sajjikshar and haridra churna and tie on affected part of the body. It will soon cure the problem.

• Later tie on it aloe vera pulp added with Haridra powder, it will cure the problem completely.

• Unpeel aloe vera leaves from one side, add some haridra powder
into it, make its packet and tie it on the affected areas. It will be highly effective.

• In the problems like wounds, aching, take aloe vera pulp, add some opium and turmeric powder into it the problem will be cured.

• If the breasts of a woman are wounded, or there is swelling due to some other reasons, make kalk of Aloe Vera roots, then add some haridra powder into it, and tie its packet on the affected part. It will be very effective. You must change it 2-3 times a day.

• Aloe vera pulp is also very effective to cure the sores. It is also effective on the problems caused due to radiation in our body.

Agnidagdh: If anyone has burn in any part of the body, apply aloe vera as it will cure the problem soon.

Naadivrana: Take aloe and catechu in equal quantity and and prepare its paste, if applied on the affected part, the problem will be cured.

Charmakeel: Peel aloe vera leaves from one side and if it is tied properly on the affected part, the problem will be cured.

Wound: Take aloevera extract and boil it with kanji and Til and it paste should be applied on the wound, it is very effective.

Fever: Take 10-20 ml tea of aloe vera roots and administer it thrice a day to the patient. It will cure the problem of fever. In fact, aloe vera is such a medicine, which is also nutritious. Hence it is very good for our health.


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