Monday, January 19, 2015

Search for divine souls Editorial from Acharya Balkrishna

Search for divine souls
Respected Swami ji has searched one thousand boys, girls, men and women between age group of 5-35 years. They are being prepared to develop seven divine qualities in them.

The kids and adults who will have seven qualities like- Dhriti, Smriti, Pratibha, Purusharth, Parakrama, Kritagyata and Sadaacharan, they will be people of high standard. Such spirits are capable to develop themselves as threat men or great saints. No good fruit is possible without good quality seeds. Similarly, if the efforts are made to build high standard souls, 100 per cent result is quite possible. If the best quality of humans which have been in existence for generations, are analysed well, we will find all the aforementioned seven qualities in the character of the kids. We have heard from many great sages like Maharshi Patanjali and others that some people are great from their time of birth, some people raise the quality of their character through Purusharth while others are imposed on the society as great men in the field of politics, agriculture, industry, etc.

Acharya Balkrishna
The people who had aforementioned seven qualities since childhood, they consider then as great souls by birth. If these souls get proper training, right environment and good trainer, and proper efforts are made on their development, they can become great men, great soul, great Purusharthi, great saints, divine humans, divine souls, etc. Through our organisation, media and other means, search for the souls full of the seven qualities like Dhriti, Smriti, Pratibha, Purusharth, Parakrama, Kritagyata and Sadaacharan and ensure their training according to Patanjai's Rishi Parampara and prepare them as sages.

Editorial from Acharya BalkrishnaIf you are in contact with any such a soul, immediately contact us on our ph no:- 01334240008, 246737, 248888, 248999 or inform us on our email- or send us letter in this regard and be play a key role in this great work.


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