Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Divine life : Eternal truth emanating out of the eternal wisdom

Eternal truth emanating out of the eternal wisdom of 

respected Swami ji Maharaj

There are three types of human lives- 1. Low quality, 2. Simple quality 3. Best quality. Life full of ominous things, impurity, Adharma, fear, quarrel, lust, lack of knowledge or enlightenment is insult of the best gift of almighty. Therefore, all humans should make efforts for getting rid of low level, insanity and barbarism and rise to make the life of best quality. Purusharth is very necessary for good life.

Normally, people are seen simple or middle quality of life. Such people have faith in god. They lead a religious life and they also have concern for the cause of the society in general and avoid to indulge into irreligious activities or sinister acts. They also want to have material pleasure as well as divine blessings and largely involved in prayer to almighty, yoga and meditation. Third is the best quality of life with is divine and complete dedication to almighty happens to be the final goal of life. Here we, after getting rid of all kind of illusions and understanding the reality of nature and almighty, we can realise our evolution and nihshreyas. Self-less service and efforts are the two key means of living life. Pure knowledge, pure acts, pure worshiping, which means Gyan, Karma and Bhakti are the three key forces which together propel our life.

While doing meditation in solitude at the dawn or Brahma Muhurta, the Sadhak should unify his existence with almighty to get eternal bliss, peace and enlightenment. During meditation, the Sadhak becomes a representative of almighty through his devotion and dedication for almighty. During meditation, the Sadhak feels eternal bliss. Samadhi during meditation and during normal life he makes efforts for divinity and being selfless, he lives only for almighty. Selflessness means being free from lust, expectations, greed for power and property, ambition, etc and living according to the path shown by saints and
A selfless person is also called Aapta Purush. Basis of selfless work are- self inspiration, vedic guidance, guidance of scriptures, guidance of teachers. With meditation, efforts and selfless work, even simple men become divine. May almighty give us the capability to devote to almighty in meditation period and in normal activity to work selflessly. We do not work for power, property, material pleasure, etc. We could work for raising our soul with inspiration of almighty, directions of Veda, scriptures and orders of our teachers. By remaining selfless, we could devote ourselves in meditation of almighty.


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