Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The formula of completeness and success of life

Eternla Wisdom Baba Ram dev JI maharaj
The everlasting truth from the Shaswat Pragya of 
Shredhyey Yogrishi Param Pujya Swamiji Maharaj

The formula of completeness and success of life

The formula of completeness and success of life1. There should be no alternative to the pledge and to fulfill the sacred oath taken by us, every effort should be made. Physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually, we are independent though we depend on others in view of economical, social, family and political aspects. But this is little trouble, which could be overcome though, it gives little pain. Th e completeness of the life is in the manhood. Th e external manhood eff ort (purushurth) takes up to prosperity while internal manhood takes us to the extreme of `Samadhi` (trance).

2. When we perform service and meditation, without any selfishness we receive three gift s from the almighty. First one is the best, refined, positive and complete judicious intelligence, the second one is the best powerful and completely healthy body and the third one is patronage of the best and competent parents and most intelligent and efficient teachers. Enjoying the worldly pleasures will not give us good fortune and more we enjoy the pleasures, more the blessings of the god for our good work decays. Hence, a complete pious and rational person has the duty that he starts the public service form 10 per cent and later extend it to 100 per cent. Th us, service to the mankind is the platonic service. Th is service has been named as `brahma karma`, `akam`, `aapt kam`, or divine duty in Vedas, philosophy, Gita or Upnishads. We shall get rid of our inconsiderate wishes and live life, in accordance to the `Vedas`, teachers, `Shastras` and the soul. We shall not dis-honour or violate the wish, order, inspiration or the direction of the almighty in the soul.

3. In the life, we shall take some decisions very fi rmly and live life with authority. Such tendency gives divinity, greatness, sage ship, divinity and completeness. We could easily remove macro-defects from the life immediately like non-vegetarianism, intoxication, anger, revenge, reaction, violence, falsehood or if we say in proper words, any action against the `yama-niyam`. Dilute the macro defects of the life slowly with firmness and one day, you will succeed.

Social, economical, practical, family and other mutual relationship should be maintained on the principle of generosity, co-existence and reciprocity but we should be firm and committed completely, while following Vedic principles preached by the seers, our conduct, guru and the organization and there shall be no compromise or wavering attitude. Firmness and generosity should be two guiding forces or models for us, which we shall follow with commitment, which are of much importance in the life. If we don’t follow these two principles, pain, injustice, nonreligion and disorder are bound to happen. I myself live on the same principle and people, who have aff ection to me; I pray all of them to live on this formula. We will have to be fi rm towards self, look as god in every individual and should be generous towards the humanity. We all will have to move towards complete truth with complete divinity.


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