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Guava Nature and its benefits Properties and features

Nature and its benefits

Guava fruit is well known to all of us. Red and white colors are found in its core. It has two, three varieties- tastes sour, sweet and vapid. The fruits taste good in autumn season that of rainy season. Guava fruits can be obtained through farming and wild varieties of fruits are also available.

Outer Shape:
The guava tree grows upto 15 to 25 feet high. Leaves are oblong, simple, and elliptic to ovate 3-6 inches long on small twigs. Stem is tender, multi-branched and flowers are small and numerous stamens. 

Medicianal Treatment: 

Take raw greenish guava and rub it on a stone and apply the essence of on temple to prevent head ache. If at all headache starts on it would be reduced. This experiment should be done three or four times.

Dental problems 
3-4 leaves of guava should be chewed or made quath out of them mixed with alum and rinse to get rid of dental problems. Mouth ulcers Mix catache with the tender leaves of guava and chew like betal paan to treat ulcers in mouth. 

Mental ailments 
Prepare a dose out of these leaves to control all kinds of mental ailments, flow and physical and mental disorders. Convulsion Massage of arak or tincture of guava leaves is beneficial in convulsions.

Heart :
Seeds of ripen guava fruit should be ground finely and mix sugar with it and prepare a delicious paste. That is highly advantageous for heart. It prevents constipation also.

Common cold :
In the case of chronic cold, the patient should take a good guava fruit. And take fresh water, closing the nose. Then the cold would be cured in two days. To stop the nostril-flow after two days, 50 gms of jaggery should be taken with out mixing it in water.
Cough and kapha disorders 

1. If it is dry cough and phlegm does not come out then one guava fruit is to be taken in the morning and evening. And it should be eaten without cutting it into pieces for 2-3 days to gain control over cough and phlegm.

2. Take guava juice using handy equipment, mix honey with it and take for days in the morning and evening to control dry cough.

3. If a person suffers much with phlegm and cough, constipation and light fever, sweet guava fruits are to be taken. You may take as many as want, if the fruit is sweet.

4. To control normal cold and cough, one should take a half ripen guava fruit, after frying it in fire, adding salt to taste..

10 grams of Guava quath made out of its leaves should be taken to control vomitings.

Take 10grams of swaras of tender leaves of guava, adding sugar every morning. It gives
its best result in seven days.

Cut Guava fruit into small pieces and add
some water. After a while drink the water.
It is beneficiary in diabetis related problems
or the disorders of Hyperdiuresis (urinate
many times).
Take guava fruit at the time of morning
breakfast adding it to some pepper powder,
black salt, ginger and Problems with indigestion,
gas, ascites, and trouble with constipation
like problems would come to an end. It
enhances appetite. Guava fruit is also advantageous
in recovering health from disorders
like Dysentery and diarrhea.

1) Chronic diarrhea in children can be controlled by giving 15 grams of guava root
water. This can be prepared by boiling
the root in 150 grams water, when it
becomes half of its quantity, 6-6 grams
of that quath can be taken in two or
three times a day.
2) Raw guava is to be boild to control diarrhea.
3) 20 ml. of quath prepared by bark of
Guava and its tender leaves is beneficiary
in controlling chelora.
Jam of guava fruits is highly beneficial in
controlling dysentery.
Anal Prolapse
1) In anal prolapse disorder in children,
the quath made of out of bark of guava


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