Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Business of medicine- arms fl ourishing in world – Swami Ramdev

Medical field converting into business – Dr Biswaroop Haridwar. On the first day of seven day residential camp at Patanjali Yogpeeth-II, Swami Ramdevji Maharaj released the book of Dr Biswaroop titled `Aspatal se zinda kaise launte` (How to return back alive from hospital). On the occasion Swaniji said that well-oiled cartel of drugs and arms is active in the world and the business is well-organized.

 The objective of arms business is less safety and more destruction. The producers of arms and medicines are resulting in excesses and destruction in the name of treatment and safety. It is true that people see god in doctors. But simultaneously, it is also a fact that most of the doctors violate the dignity of medical practice. Everybody respects good doctors and in the name of treatment, corruption is flourishing and millions of money is made out of it illegally. Big commission is extracted in the name of medicines, tests and treatment. This has made difficult to keep the sanctity of the profession safe. 

Dr Biswaroop Roy Chawdhary, two gunnies world record holder, writer of autobiography in Mind and Body, Who is who, writer of 25 books, whose name is registered in the website of Oxford University (2003-2010) and inventor of Happiness machine, which is being approved by medical science experts told that in March 2012, he met Swami Ramdevji Maharaj. He advised him to expose unkind trusts in the medical field. He was very much impressed with the advice and thought in-depth on it. Resultantly, the book `Aspatal se zinda kaise launte` was written. 

It is the first book of medical corruption prevalent in the industry. The reading of the book and following the advice in it would change the life-style of the people. The biggest fact of the life is death. But now, very few die natural death as they lost life due to some disease or killed in an accident.


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