Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Formulae of Life :Everlasting Insight

Formulae of Life

1. Auspicious road to life : Big decisions are to be made in life and they determine the kind of personality one is going to carry. If our decisions are appropriate then their results are auspicious for usand as well as the society.

2. How should the life be? The first thing is that which direction we should go to? What should be the ideal of life?

3. Conducting oneself that soul ordains and as suggested by the Vedas :

Vedas and great individuals suggest “Sanshrutena Gamemahi Ma Shrutena Viradhishi” the best conduct is the one that suits the soul on an individual and what has been ordained by the Vedas. That means we should not anything that is not endorsed by the souls even if it gets us all the wealth of this earth.

We must move in a direction that is endorsed by the soul even if we face all the troubles of the world.

4. Living under Brahmabhava all the time : We must live like an ocean,fully at peace inside and supremely active outside. By the very nature we are intended to work and to attain knowledge.

 Loving is our nature; Compassion is our nature; Serving people is in our roots and if we live in Brahmabhava then a sense of full satisfaction spreads and an image of oneself or the Brahma is reflected in the universe. 

Rishis, ascetics and saints all define bliss as the existence of emptiness or zero. 

This is the highest state of mind beyond knowledge, experience or an emotion. When we live by the very nature then full satisfaction is experienced; this is full noble silence; here one experiences the emptiness, full of insight, which our scriptures define as the liberation.

5. Be active all the time : Life and this world are dominated by efforts. Whatever we attain in our social, commercial or wordly life, whether pleasure or pain, profit or loss, victory or defeat, admiration or condemnation, respect of rebuke, all of it is the result of our physical or mental activity.

We reap the results of our wordly activity, exponentially. So, always be active and do your duties without any expectation of the results.

6. I am alone : many a times, an individual thinks that he or she is alone while following a path, whether that path is self- development or social development; whether that path is path of service or of a movement. Like there are millions of people, who love an object, a person, music, arts, literature, dance forms, nature or fl owers or money, there are people who love their country. So whatever path we choose to tread, we will meet millions of fellow travelers on the path. So never think that you are alone. There are millions of people with the same spirits, nature and inclination. Once you move out youwould see that whole nature and whole universe await you.

7. Basic needs of Life: what else a human being needs, clothes to cover the body; food, twice a day to run the life and a small piece of land. If somebody wants to do something great or those who want to be superhuman then they must renounce all their attainments except what is essential, to the service of the people.

8. Practive Yoga: Only those, who have power in the body, in mind and courage, become world beaters. Sometimes we see people who are strong; they look like they are 70-80 years young. And people with spiritual inclination look quite old. We must vow to practice Yoga and Pranayam for an hour everyday. If our body is strong then only we can attain physical and spiritual goals in life.

Cause of political interference by a Yogi Many times a question is raised by the media and by the political parties that it’s good if a spiritual saint brings awareness to the people in the society. But when that spiritual person speaks of political change; talks of political cleansing then several questions are raised.

Then I have a question that who did not interfere with the political system.Didn’t Maharishi Vashistha and Vishwamitra not interfere politically at the time of Ram and Ravana; didn’t they change the political system? Didn’t Yogeshwar Krishna accompanied by many ascetics interfere at the time of Kauravas and Pandavas? At the time of atrocities being committed by Ghananand didn’t yogi Chanakya interfere politically?

 Didn’t Maharishi Dayanand and Swami Vivekanand and other Rishis interfere to fight against evil, misconduct and exploitation to establish the reign of truth, natural law and justice with the slogan : Indram bardhantoaturah kranvanto vishwamaryam. Didn’t our martyrs and Mahatama Gandhi interfere politically? The Freedom Movement of 1957 is
known as the Mutiny by the Renouncers.

Whenever this country faced difficult times Renouncers have done their duties to the nation also to establish rule of truth, law and justice eradicating evil, injustice and atrocities. Today also, in order to bring social and economic justice in the nation and to make India the spiritual and economic superpower, not only me but also other ideal Renoucers must interfere politically. Those government sponsored Renounceres can not be expected to take a political stand. But those who are ideal renouncers must take a stand on ongoing political situation at a time when the whole country is going through a terrible time.

Swami Ramdev


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