Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SERIOUS QUESTIONS on Democracy and Constitution

We must elect honest system by
understanding democracy in absolute terms,
only then welfare of the nation is possible.

Legislature,Administrative bodies, Judiciary and Media are the four pillars of democracy. In democracy, voters are not helpless, meek observers or slaves and rulers are notowners. Rather, rulers are elected, powerful public servants, endowed with many rights. We have chosen MLAs, MPs and other public representatives to protect our welfare. They are not there to exploit us in the name of ruling us, neither are they there to harass us, under the guise of the law, nor are they there to inflict injustice on us. We do not accord a few rights to public representatives,

so that they can take away our right to live too. Rulers are our servants and in lieu of their services, we pay MPs, MLAs, ministers, chief ministers or prime minister a salary, house perks and traveling allowances from our tax kitty. Rulers are not serving us for free. Rulers are accorded rights for the welfare of a town, society, state and the nation and if they abuse this power then we have complete
authority to depose them from their position. At present, a nexus between corrupt rulers and corrupt officials is resulting into a dangerous scenario, where an ordinary man is disappointed, disillusioned and feeling helpless. Feared of administrative machinery, he has become a victim of exploitation.

Awaken now! Don't tolerate exploitation in the name of being ruled. You are the citizen of independent India. In Democracy, like legislature, administration and Judiciary, which means all administrative officers, police and other such authorities have been established to ensure us that we live our lives securely and with dignity and justice too. But if some government official or police officer is perpetrating injustice to you or he is insulting you by adopting unconstitutional means, then you have the right to raise your voice against this corrupt system and punish the same official or getting him suspended from his duties, because, this whole system is established to provide us security and justice. Don't be afraid of them. Behave in a dignified manner, but remember they are not masters; rather they are your servants. In Democracy, every Indian is his or her own master and he or she has been provided with fundamental and constitutional rights. Every citizen has the right to live with complete freedom, complete discipline and complete dignity. So awaken! Don't tolerate exploitation, injustice and corruption. Whoever elected member is corrupt, use voting right against him or her and throw him or her out of power. And vote in full strength to those, who wish to serve the country, those who are honest and transparent and those who have soft and pure heart for the country. Take an oath that neither we plunder this country nor we let corrupt, criminals and
dishonest people plunder this country. This is my country and I would not let this country to waste away. Democratic system and country's constitution are established to provide equal justice to all its citizens and to provide equal opportunities to their development. But the constitution, which was written by Baba Saheb Ambedkar; is the country being governed abiding by the same constitution?

When leaders, representing the parliament and legislative assemblies, themselves crushing democratic system to pieces; when people swearing-in constitution are themselves killing the constitution, then I can not remain silent. I will not let the dream lived by Baba Saheb Ambedkar to waste away. I will bring a new revolution to the country and eradicate the exploitation inflicting the country in the name of corruption and ruling.



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